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3 simple life saving tips to protect your loved one

4 Things Retirees Should Never Carry with Them

4 Simple Ways to Make a Seniors Day in the Age of COVID-19

6 Caregiver Qualities

6 “Must Have” Products for Seniors Living Alone

6 Versions of Fitbit For Seniors

6 Ways to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

7 Important Questions for an Aging Parent

7 Things Medicare Doesn’t Pay For

8 Simple Ways to Reduce the Chances of a Senior Falling in Their Home

9 New Tech Devices For Elder Care That Help Seniors Live Happier & Healthier Lives

10 Best Emergency Alert Apps

13 Best Smartphone Apps for Seniors Aging in Place

13 Must Have Gadgets for Seniors

83 Year Old Women Uses Medical Alert to Call for Help After Break-In

List of Senior Discounts on Prescriptions

Medical Alert System Choices

Tech Updates for Senior Safety & Security

A Brief History behind the Phrase: “I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!”

A Great Call Experience Begins with a Commitment

A Guide to Preventing Falls

A Sibling’s Survival Guide to Caring for Aging Parents

AARP Discounts You Should Know About

Active Guardian: A Medical Alert System for Seniors On the Go

Activity monitoring explored

Activities for Grandparents and Their Grandchildren

Adult Medical Guardian or Power of Attorney (POA) – Which One Do You Need?

Aging and Technology: Digital Games Improve Senior Health

Aging and your diet Wellness Provides Smart Independent Senior Living

Alert and Warning Systems

Alexa Together: A New Solution for Family Caregivers

Aloe Care Health – More Than Just Another Medical Alert

Apple Watch & Fitbit Bring New Era of Health Monitoring Devices

Apple Watch Series 7: Fall Detection and More

Apple Watch Series 8: Fall Detection, Medication Reminders & Medical Monitoring

Are You Liable for Your Deceased Parents’ Debt?

August Home Maintenance and Safety Checklist

Avoid medical alert system scams

Avoid senior scams

Avoid The “Free” Medical Alert Scam

Avoiding financial scams

Balance Boards for Seniors: Can They Reduce Fall Risk?

Bathtub safety for seniors

Bay Alarm Medical’s In-Car Medical Alert System Provides Peace of Mind Behind the Wheel

Be alert use medications safely

Best Free Online Courses for Seniors

Best Holiday Gifts for Seniors

Best Medical Alert Smart Watches for Seniors

Best Medical Alert Systems with No Monthly Fee

Best Online Exercise Programs for Seniors

Best Shoes for Seniors

Best Walking Canes & Accessories Available

Brain games to fight dementia

Building a stronger relationship with your aging parent

Buying a medical alert system can be an emotional experience

Can Amazon Alexa Help Detect a Heart Attack?

Can you move your medical alert system to another home

Can You Trust Online Reviews?

Caption Phones for Seniors

Caregiving for Aging Parents

Caregiver Burnout: Causes and Prevention

Caregiver resolutions for the new year

Caring for aging parents from a distance

Celebrating Memorial Day with Your Aging Loved Ones

Celebrating mothers day with an aging parent

Challenges to Retirement

Cherry Home Makes Fall Monitoring Discreet and Effective

Choosing a Walk In Shower

Common Tech Scams that Target Seniors & How to Avoid Them

Consider This Before Buying a Medical Alert System

Dangers of Living Alone with Early Stage Dementia

Defining sibling roles in caregiving for elderly parents

Difference Between Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality

Disaster preparedness

Does State Law Require You to Support Your Aging Parent?

Does Walmart Sell Medical Alert Systems?

Don’t miss out on senior citizen discounts

Driver safety for seniors

Eating healthy over 50

Elder-Proof Your Home To Let Loved Ones Age In Place

Empty nest syndrome signs and helpful tips

Fall Detection – Moving Beyond the Pendant

Fall Management

Falling injuries can be life threatening

Falls are the leading cause of injury deaths among older adults

Family Caregiver FAQ: How Do I Handle Angry Parents?

FastHelp Medical Alert Pros and Cons

Federal government resources for seniors

Financial Costs of Family Caregiving

Finding the Best Medical Alerts for Seniors with Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Fire safety for senior citizens

Fire safety for older adults

Five critical questions to ask potential in home care providers

Food safety for seniors

Free Online Courses Cater to Seniors

Freedom Guardian: A Smarter and More Stylish Medical Alert

Frequently Asked Questions About Senior Guardians

Getting Out and About After Your COVID-19 Vaccine

Getting Paid as a Family Caregiver

Give the gift of medial alert protection

goVia – Black and Decker Health Enters the Medical Alert Space

Guide to caring for elderly parents from long distance

Guide to Types of Senior Homes

Gun Ownership for Seniors

Habits to help you live longer

HandsFree Health: Opening the Front Door to Health

Healthy food choices for aging adults

Help your aging parents beat the blues when they are home alone

Helping loved ones adjust to retirement community living

Helping seniors living with heart disease

Here’s What You Should Know Before Buying a Medical Alert Device

Hero Uses Technology to Make Medication Management Easier

Hip fractures cause severe health problems and lead to premature death

Holiday shopping safety for seniors

Holidays with elderly parents

Home Health Care vs. Home Care

Home safety tips for aging parents

Home safety tips for seniors

How Does the Apple Watch Series 6 With Fall Detection Technology Compare?

How Family Guardian Keeps Long-Distance Caregivers Informed

How in home care helps your parents live comfortably

How Medical Alert Devices Can be a Lifeline for Aftercare

How medical alert systems help you live independently longer

How Much Do Medical Alert Systems Cost

How seniors can avoid becoming the victim of a thief

How seniors can protect themselves from being the victim of a crime

How Seniors Can Stay Physically and Mentally Healthy While COVID-19 Has Them Stuck at Home

How Seniors Use Virtual Assistant Devices

How Technology Can Help With Aging in Place

How telehealth can benefit seniors

How the Symphony Can Benefit Seniors

How to Become Tech a Savvy Senior

How to Choose a Hearing Aid

How to Find a Gym for Seniors

How to Get a Medical Alert System for Free

How to Get Up After a Fall: A Guide for Seniors

How to Get Your Siblings to Help Take Care of Aging Parents

How to Make Seniors Feel at Home in a New Living Space

How to identify elder abuse by a caregiver

How to Outsmart the Latest Senior Scams

How to prevent falls in your home

How to test your medical monitoring system

How to Use Aloe Vera for Skin Care and Health Care

How to Use Technology to Monitor Elderly Parents

How to warm up your loved one to the idea of a medical alert monitoring system

How Virtual Reality Benefits Seniors & Improves Their Lives

How Wearable Technology Is Improving the Life of Seniors

Ice your cell phone

In a medical emergency save your loved one and their door

In home care or assisted living

In home safety tips for seniors

Internet safety for seniors

Is Senior Living Affordable?

Use Fall Detection with Apple Watch Series 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8

Is your medical alert pendant safe

Joining a fitness center as an older adult

Juggling Work and Caregiving

Keeping your bones strong

Keeping your heart healthy

Know who is behind the door before you open it

Lenovo Smart Display

Life Alert Systems For Seniors

Life Alert vs. Philips Lifeline

Lifeline Program

LifeStation’s New Sidekick Mobile Alert and Sidekick Smart Smartwatch

Line seizure, what?

Lively Formally GreatCall – What You Need to Know

Long-Term Care Insurance Explained

Making sure your loved one is receiving the best care

Making the right choice regarding eldercare

Medical Alert ID Bracelet Guide

Medical alert monitoring voice over ip (voip)

Medical Alert Pendants Get a Fashionable Makeover

Medical alert systems are an option to rising senior care housing costs

Medical Alert Systems Keep Older People Safe

Medical alert systems with telehealth – telemedicine monitoring

Medical Device Trends

Medication management

Methodology for Cost Comparison: How to Compare Brands and Prices

MGMove Wearable Medical Alert System Smartwatch

Mobile Medical Alerts vs. At Home Medical Alert Systems

Most Affordable Medical Alert Systems

Most important things to know about medical alert systems

New Years Resolutions For Seniors

Occupational therapy for an aging parent

Over 27% of Seniors Reported Falling Over One Year Period

Pain Care for the Elderly

Part time caregiving can be a full time job

Philips Cares Launches App-Based Hub for Digital Aging & Caregiving

Potential unintended consequences of taking on a caregiving role

Preventing falls in the elderly

Preventive health care for seniors

Pros and cons of medical guardian

Protect yourself from crimes against the elderly

Protecting seniors from summer heat

Recovery tips for senior falls

Risks and Limitations of Medical Alert Systems

Safe medication storage and disposal

Seasonal affective disorder in seniors

Seasonal allergies and seniors

Self-Care Activities for Seniors

Senior Alert – Beware of Robocall Schemes

Seniors and Pet Therapy

Seniors and Social Media

Seniors in 20 states must renew drivers licenses more often

Seven signs of dementia

Simple exercises seniors can do indoors

Six Best Podcasts for Seniors

Smart Home Technology to Help Seniors

Smart Tech Tools for Seniors

Smartphone Apps for Seniors

So you bought a medical alert system but mom wont wear it

Support for Physician Alert Devices Rises to 79% Globally

Support tips for losing a spouse

Surprising Benefits of Zumba for Elderly People

Talk about legal, financial, & long-term care concerns

Technology and your aging parents

Technology Devices that Make Life Easier for You and Your Loved One

Technology That Makes Aging At Home a Viable Alternative To a Nursing Home

Ten Dementia Warning Signs You Need To Know

The Best Personal Safety Devices, Apps and Alarms

The Best Video Call Devices & Apps for Seniors

The Challenge of Keeping Tabs on Senior Loved Ones

The cost of aging with in home care

The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Made Seniors an Easier Target for Scammers

The First Signs That Your Aging Parents Need Help

The Future of Medical Alert Systems

The Future of Medical Wearables

The importance of family dinners for seniors

The History of 911

The History of Life Alert Services For Seniors

The New Mini Guardian From Medical Guardian

The pros and cons of Lifestation

The value of having a medical alert system

Tips for finding an in home health care provider

Tips For Helping Seniors Budget on a Fixed Income

Tips for older drivers

Tips For Saving Senior Citizens From Loneliness

Tips on Making a Home Safe and Accessible for Seniors

Top 5 Brain Training Apps for Seniors

Top low impact exercises for older adults

Top resources for long distance care of aging parents

Top trips to take in your retirement

Two medical alert monitoring systems for the price of one

Using Technology To Stay Connected With Your Senior Loved Ones

Valentines day and senior citizens

Vayyar HOME SmartHome Technology Can Detect & Prevent Falls

Walkers for Seniors: Benefits and How to Choose Your Best Option

Wearable Prototype Automatically Calls For Help In Time Of Need

Wearable Tech Trends for Caregivers

What about non monitored medical alert systems

What are the Best (even FREE) Colleges for Older Learners?

What are the most important features of a medical alert system

What Does Aging in Place Really Mean?

What Is a Medical Assistant (CMA)?

What is Fall Detection & Do You Need It?

What is in home care and how does it benefit seniors

What to look for when buying a medical alert system

What’s the Difference Between Telehealth and Telemedicine?

When You Should Consider Assisted Living

Which medical alert monitoring system is best

Who else should consider purchasing a medical alert system

Who Would Benefit From a Medical Alert System? Not Just Seniors!

Who would benefit the most from a medical alert system

Why are Seniors Grocery Shopping Twice a Week?

Why comparing medical alert companies is like going out to dinner

Why do I need a medical alert device

Why is a TMA (CSAA) five diamond certified monitoring center important for medical alert monitoring

Why Getting a Medical Alert System is a Good Idea

Why not just add a wireless medical pendant to your security system

Winter safety for older adults

Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

You must maintain your home when you live alone

Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide – How a Medical Alert System Works

Buyers Guide – Basic Setup of a Medical Alert System

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Coping With Pet Separation

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Downsizing Tips for Seniors Looking to Age in Place

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Fall Detection FAQ’s

Healthy Eating after 50

How to Choose a Medical Alert System

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How to Keep Your Elderly Loved Ones Busy and Active

Lifeline Program for Low-Income Seniors

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New Technology For Aging in Place

Medical Alert Device Recommendations

Senior Independent Living

Simple Exercises for Seniors

Senior Safety Guide

Sports and Games for Seniors: Fun and Exercise in One

Stay Healthy with Tai Chi

Surprising Facts: Top 9 Causes of Senior Falls

The Accelerometer: Interesting Applications

Top 5 Strategies For Implementing Fall Detection

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