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Updated: July 19, 2023

Medical Care Alert Pendant


Medical Care Alert is a Michigan-based company that utilizes medical alert monitoring centers in both New York and California. They have been in the medical alert business since 2009. Medical Care Alert’s tagline is “Care” is Our Middle Name. The monitoring center they work with won the 2016 Monitoring Center of the Year award from The Monitoring Association (TMA) and Medical Care Alert themselves received the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for multiple years. All of their emergency call center operators are EMT/EMD certified. Medical Care Alert also offers a risk-free 14-day trial period. You can use the system for 14 days and if you are not satisfied, return it for a full refund. Medical Care Alert is owned by American Response Technologies, Inc., and they offer nationwide coverage and utilize EMT/EMD certified call agents who are available 24/7.


Medical Care Alert offers help with a press of a button. Their certified agents know who you are when you call and who to contact for you in case of an emergency. It can be a neighbor, family member, or emergency response services. They will also send text messages to your emergency contact list when you call for help.

There are three medical alert systems that Medical Care Alert offers:

1. Home System: This traditional medical alert system utilizes the typical whole-home two-way “speakerphone.” The button is shower safe and can be worn as a pendant or on the wrist. It has a stated range of up to 1,000 feet from the base unit but can vary greatly from home to home. Optional fall detection is available. Can be used with or without a landline system.

2. Smart Watch: Get 24/7 emergency support with a press of a button with Medical Care Alert’s new Smart Watch. In addition to medical alert monitoring, the smartwatch can also track your location, heart rate, and steps. The watch is water resistant and runs off of 4G T-Mobile cellular data (no cell phone or WiFi is required). The watch can be charged fully within one hour. Additional fall detection is available.

3. Home & Away GPS: Shower-safe and lightweight mobile medical alert that utilizes GPS location services. You can speak directly into the pendant. It is powered by AT&T’s 4G LTE cellular network. Be sure to check the AT&T coverage map for your area. Optional fall detection is available. Caregivers can use the free RemoteCare 24/7 smartphone app for device location and status.


Easy installation and no equipment fees. Two options to choose from including GPS tracking and automatic fall detection. No long-term contracts. Price lock guarantee. Advanced payment discounts. Equipment is UL certified. Redundant U.S.-based monitoring centers.


No smoke or carbon monoxide detector options. No activity or wellness vitals monitoring options available. Monthly payment options available after the initial quarterly payment. No automatic tests. Monitoring centers are not TMA Five Diamond Certified. Online ordering may be difficult due to some confusing website content.

Medical Care Alert vs. Medical Guardian

Medical Care Alert provides a range of products, including in-home systems, and a new Smart Watch feature for on-the-go protection. They prioritize affordability, with various pricing plans available to suit different budgets. On the other hand, Medical Guardian offers similar product options, including in-home and mobile systems, as well as fall detection technology for added safety. They emphasize their responsive customer service and 24/7 monitoring center to ensure immediate assistance in case of an emergency. Both Medical Care Alert and Medical Guardian offer a Smart Watch feature with similar monthly pricing, however Medical Care Alert’s smart watch has a lower one-time equipment fee. Both companies strive to deliver high-quality medical alert solutions, making them trustworthy options for individuals seeking reliable support and protection.





How did Medical Care Alert do?
PriceMedical Care Alert Review
Cost for EquipmentNone
Cost Per MonthThe Home Medical Alert System starts at $29.95 if you are paying monthly.
Advance Payment DiscountsYes
Monitoring Agreement TermNo long-term contracts. Risk-free 14-day trial available.
Repairs or Replacement ChargesOptional insurance available. For $5.00 per month, you are covered for any damages to the system and will receive free replacements. Without the extended warranty it would cost $350.00 to replace a system or $29.00 – $200.00 depending on the pendant. Some devices have deductibles and limit the amount replacements per year.
Cancellation Policy & DiscountsMedical Care Alert Review
Cancel at Any TimeYes, and also offer an In-Home 14-day Risk Free Trial
Senior DiscountNo
Other DiscountsNo
EquipmentMedical Care Alert Review
Approximate Button Range in Typical HomeUp to 1,000′ from the base unit.
Watch/Button Battery LifeThree-day battery life for the Home & Away system
What Happens if I Lose PowerThe Home System has a 72-hour back-up-battery.
Is the Watch/Button WaterproofYes
How Can The Button Be WornPendant, belt or wrist options depending on the system.
UL Certified EquipmentYes
Does The System Automatically Test Itself To The Monitoring CenterNo. If you have not tested the system in a few weeks, they will call you to remind you.
24 Hour Technical & Customer SupportNo
Monitoring StationMedical Care Alert Review
TMA Five Diamond Certified Monitoring CenterNo
Typical Response Time When Button PressedBetween 25-30 seconds.
Other Options & InformationMedical Care Alert Review
How Fast Does System ShipShips the same day Monday-Friday and is shipped Priority mail. Other shipping options are available at check out.
Do You Need Separate Systems For Mom & DadNo
Optional Advanced FeaturesMedical Care Alert Review
Activity or Inactivity MonitoringNo
Senior Fall DetectionYes
Cellular or No Phone LineYes
Smoke or Carbon Monoxide ProtectionNo
GPS Medical Alert Tracking SystemYes
Special OffersMedical Care Alert Review
Special Offers For Our VisitorsNone at this time


Medical Care Alert offers an advanced payment discount if you are paying annually.  There are no cancellation fees and they will pro-rate any pre-paid payments if you cancel. If you do want to cancel, after you contact them, simply ship the equipment back and they will cancel your account.

The extended warranty protects your equipment for an upfront cost of $5.00 per month and is billed according to your selected billing option. So, if you pay annually, it will be $60.00 one-time per year and $15.00 four times per year if you pay quarterly. The Smart Watch has a one-time equipment fee of $149.95.

We find the traditional phone line system to be on the high-end (in terms of cost) of the market. However, Medical Care Alert offers a price lock guarantee so you can be assured your monthly payment will not increase, although this is common with most companies.

Medical Care Alert SystemCost Per MonthAnnual Cost Per MonthFall Detection Cost
IN-HOME SYSTEM – Landline$29.95$27.45Add $10
IN-HOME SYSTEM – Cellular$34.95$32.04Add $10
HOME & AWAY – GPS$39.95$36.62Add $10
SMART WATCH$39.95 + $149.95 Equip Fee$36.62Add $10


Mobile Medical Alert with GPS Option – Medical Care Alert’s Home & Away with GPS has optional fall detection which is a great option for those who want protection outside of the home, and the Ultra version is “shower-safe.” They also now offer a Smart Watch with GPS.

Fall Detector Options – Since diabetics have the tendency to faint and falls are common among seniors, fall detectors can be helpful because the user may be unable to press their medical emergency button. The only system that does not have this option is the Home & Yard system.

No Long-Term Contracts – Cancel Medical Care Alert’s services at any time as they do not require any long-term contracts.

Advanced Payment Discounts & Freebies – If you are paying annually, you will receive one month free, a free lockbox and free shipping.

Redundant U.S. Based Monitoring Centers – Medical Care Alert utilizes two geographically separated & redundant U.S. based monitoring centers with EMT/EMD certified call agents. If there’s a natural disaster in one part of the country, you will still be monitored.


No Carbon Monoxide or Smoke Detection – Both are important features to have in your home and Medical Care Alert does not have these options at this time. We highly suggest installing these detectors on your own if your medical alert company does not provide them.

No Activity Monitoring – Activity monitoring typically requires the user to check-in with the system by pressing a button once every 24 hours or automatically checked with motion sensors and door contacts. This is greatly beneficial as it allows you to know that your loved one is active and about each day.

No Automatic Tests – Automatic tests to your medical alert system ensure that your equipment is working properly. Medical Care Alert suggests you test the system every week yourself but this may be difficult for some users to remember. Medical Care Alert does follow up with a phone call if they notice the system has not been tested in a few weeks.

Monitoring Centers Not TMA Five Diamond Certified – Although Medical Care Alert uses an award-winning monitoring center, we still prefer companies who utilize TMA Five-Diamond Certified monitoring centers.


Will Medical Care Alert work in my area?Medical Care Alert is available in all 50 states. If you are using the cellular-based units, you will have to check the AT&T coverage in your area to be sure you have good coverage.

Can I cancel my medical alert monitoring service without a penalty?Yes, there are no long-term contracts or hidden fees. You can cancel and return the equipment for a pro-rated refund.

How much range with the In-Home System cover?The updated Home Medical Alert System has a stated range of 1,000 feet which is over 3 football fields of coverage in and around your home. This can vary from home to home.

How do I install my In-Home alert system?Set-up is easy and does not require professional help. Simply plug in the base unit and if you are using a telephone line for your system, you will plug into the jack as well. You will press a button to confirm the connection and you should be all set!

What happens if I need help but can’t speak?Once the button is pushed or the fall detection is triggered, you will automatically be sent to one of the EMT/EMD Certified call center operators. If they do not hear from the person who needs help, the protocol that was established at set-up will be followed. For example, loved ones will be notified and emergency services will be dispatched.


Medical Care Alert has verified reviews on their website. The majority of their website reviews are positive with 1,764 five-star reviews at the time of this review and only 41 one-star reviews. Many of Medical Care Alert’s customers are happy with their customer service, ease of installation and response times. One of the complaints we read was about the length of time to receive a refund for cancelled services and another user mentioned the cord on the pendant is too thick and heavy compared to other systems.

Again, the majority of customer’s online seemed to be very happy with Medical Care Alert’s medical monitoring service. Medical Care Alert is BBB accredited and has A+ Better Business rating with 6 five star reviews and only one compliant on file at the time of writing this review.


Medical Care Alert is not a newcomer to the medical alert industry. They have an established customer base and seem to have many satisfied users saying positive things about them online. We like that Medical Care Alert’s website has lots of product information and a handy chat feature to answer any questions you may have. When we called into Medical Care Alert’s customer service center, we found them helpful and not pushy to make a sale.

Medical Care Alert’s offerings are basic. In fact, we find some of their equipment to look outdated and bulky but did find the Home & Away Ultra to be modern with an updated look. However, they do provide options for inside and outside of the home as well as optional automatic fall detection, and we are happy to see they have updated their product offerings with a new Smart Watch. Their Home Away systems are perfect for your aging loved one who is on the go. Also, you do not need a separate system if you have more than one user in the home. We like that Medical Care Alert uses monitoring centers that are on different sides of the country (although not TMA 5-Diamond centers) and that Medical Care Alert has won Angie’s List Super Service awards multiple times.

Medical Care Alert is on the mid to high side of the market, price-wise. We do like that they offer a price lock guarantee but that’s pretty common in the marketplace. But it is greatly beneficial to those on fixed incomes who would like the additional peace of mind that their monthly payments will never increase. If you prefer paying monthly, please note you will initially have to pay three months upfront and then you can choose to pay monthly. There are no cancellation fees and all your pre-paid money will be prorated if you choose to cancel. Overall, it looks like Medical Care Alert is a decent choice for medical alert monitoring service.

Although our experience with this company had these results, your experience may be different. If you’re interested in this company’s services, contact them to judge for yourself.