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Philips Lifeline provides a comprehensive product with emergency response offering with an informative website that is backed by the Phillips name. Their product line includes: HomeSafe Standard, HomeSafe with AutoAlert, HomeSafe Wireless, GoSafe, and Response App.

Their website provides good content but may not have all the details available on-line that you may want before ordering. During our phone calls to their telephone sales group, we found that they may require more personal information than other companies but were very informative and helpful.

There service options include:

1.HomeSafe Standard (Landline): In-home system that does requires a telephone landline.

2.HomeSafe Standard (Wireless): In-home system that does not require a telephone landline.

3.HomeSafe with AutoAlert: Their HomeSafe Standard system that includes fall detection (Can be used with or without a landline).

4.GoSafe: In-home and on-the-go system with automatic fall detection (can be used with or without a landline).

5.Lifeline Response App: In-home AND on-the-go system that does not require anything but a Smartphone.

Other Related Senior Services - Some Offered Through Partners:

1.Medication Dispensing Service: Management of complex medication regimens. System requires a landline.

2.Homecare: Services for transportation, companionship, personal care, dementia care, house cleaning, and post-operative support through one of 5 Philips Lifeline partner companies.

3.[email protected]: A fitness program using your home computer that advances based on your physical accomplishments.


Long range button, professional system installation (only if needed), no long-term contracts, optional Philips Lifeline AutoAlert fall detector, many advanced system options and automatic weekly tests of the console to the central monitoring station.


Higher monthly charge than some providers (they do accept credit cards), higher priced options compared to other companies, equipment not UL listed, and they discontinued their activity monitoring option.

Rating: 4

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Pros & Cons To Consider

Philips Lifeline Logo How did Philips Lifeline do?
Philips Lifeline Review

Cost for Equipment

One time $50 activation fee PLUS:
$19.99 for shipping and self-installation or
$99.00 for shipping and professional installation

Cost Per Month

$29.95/Month and up

Advance Payment Discounts

No, none at this time

Monitoring Agreement Term

Can cancel anytime

Repairs or Replacement Charges

None, unless you lose it, then replacement costs can range from $50-$80 depending on which system you choose - plus shipping.
Cancellation Policy & Discounts
Philips Lifeline Review

Cancel at Any Time

Yes. Shipping and previously paid months not refunded. They do provide a prepaid shipping label to return equipment.

Senior Discount


Other Discounts

Yes, 30% military discount
Philips Lifeline Review

Approximate Button Range in Typical Home

Depends on home - 400-800 ft. range. Was told by sales rep that a 2000 Sq. ft. colonial home needs 2 units, at an additional cost.

Watch/Button Battery Life

18 month battery

What Happens if I Lose Power

30 hours of battery backup

Is the Watch/Button Waterproof


How Can The Button Be Worn

Pendant or wrist. Choose when ordering

UL Certified Equipment

No, but Listed by ETL (an OSHA Nationally Recognized Test Laboratory) to UL Standard 1637– Home Healthcare Signaling Equipment and FDA registered.

Does The System Automatically Test Itself To The Monitoring Center


24 Hour Technical & Customer Support

No. Customer service available 6 days a week, 8-10 M-F and and 6 hours on Sat
Monitoring Station
Philips Lifeline Review

TMA (CSAA) Five Diamond Certified Monitoring Center

No,but their dispatchers are EMD certified

Typical Response Time When Button Pressed

Approximately 20 seconds
Other Options & Information
Philips Lifeline Review

How Fast Does System Ship

Equipment shipped same day

Do You Need Separate Systems For Mom & Dad

No. $10.00/month (or more) for additional button
Optional Advanced Features
Philips Lifeline Review

Activity or Inactivity Monitoring


Senior Fall Detection

Yes with the HomeSafe with AutoAlert system $44.95 and up

Cellular or No Phone Line

Yes with HomeSafe Wireless (add $12/month) and GoSafe (add $10/month)

Non-GPS Mobile Alert System For Protection On The Go


Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Protection


GPS Medical Alert Tracking System

Yes - GoSafe $54.95/month and up + $149 for Button
Special Offers
Philips Lifeline Review

Special Offers For Our Visitors

None at this time


Can Be Installed By Company - Although these systems are typically very easy to install yourself (see our Basic Installation & Set-Up video) your aging parent might find it convenient to have it professionally installed, especially if you live a long distance from your loved one.

Has Different Equipment Options - Lifeline medical alert system has different consoles, alert pendants and watch styles to choose from. Prices stated here are for the basic equipment and services, so these options would be additional.

Automatic Weekly Tests - System's console will automatically test weekly to the monitoring station. Some companies offer no automatic call testing at all.

HomeSafe with AutoAlert Fall Detector - Since diabetics with low blood glucose can have the tendency to faint, fall detection technology can be helpful because the user would be unable to press their medical emergency button. Philips has the optional AutoAlert pendant which can help in these situations.

HomeSafe Wireless Cellular Option - They do offer a cellular model in case you are without traditional land-line phone service

GoSafe System - This is a premium system that offers protection while at home or on the go. It includes the AutoAlert fall detector, no-phone line GoSafe mobile cellular capabilities, assisted GPS tracking along with other locating technologies, two-way voice communication, and a locating beacon. All of these services are available whether you're near the base station or on the go, although you must have good cellular coverage.
Rapid Response App Option
- If you have a smartphone, you can install this app to connect you with the Lifeline call response center in a personal emergency. Your smartphone can transmit you location to the call center to assist in an emergency. Cellular data coverage is required for this service to work.

Automatic Pill Dispensing Service Option - Although not an integrated part of their standard medical alert systems, Philips offers an automatic pill dispenser service which helps eliminate medication errors. This service includes an audio reminder and a push button dispenser.


No Activity Monitoring - Activity monitoring typically requires the user to check in with the system by pressing a medical alert button once every 24 hours. This is very beneficial as it allows you to know that your loved one is active and about each day. Lifeline used to offer this service, but does not offer it anymore.

Equipment Not UL Listed -
UL certifies, validates, tests, and inspects many items you use daily. It is a bit surprising that Lifeline did not have their equipment listed by UL but instead chose ETL, which is less known here in the U.S.

No Online Ordering -
No online ordering available through their main site, at this time.

No Discounts For Advanced Payments - Monthly payments are your only option. The convenience of quarterly or annual payments can be desirable, especially if you can receive a discount.

Some Pricing May Vary Depending on Where You Look or Call - Philips Lifeline sells directly to consumers but also through a network of partners including in-home care service providers, assisted living facilities, health care professionals and hospitals. Monthly fees may vary based upon who you order your service through. We also found that when we spoke with Philips Lifeline that there were activation fees and shipping costs but that these fees could be waived, so be sure to ask.

Bottom Line:

Lifeline alert is backed by the Phillips name, and have been in the medical alert business for many years

Their basic HomeSafe system works much the same way as others, but they have several more options and accessories to choose from. We like the Medication Dispensing system and the HomeSafe With AutoAlert fall detection option, which detects falls automatically. Currently, GoSafe is the most complete service out there but it comes at a cost which may be too great for most people.

Their sales representatives were knowledgeable, friendly, and answered all of our questions. Be sure to ask if they can waive the activation or shipping fees with your order. They may be able to work with you on those fees. 

Philips Lifeline has many great alert device features that are praised by the consumer reports buying guide too.

Lifeline's accessories and options may make independent living that much easier and provide more peace of mind for loved ones.

Although our experience with this company had these results, your experience may be different. If you're interested in this company's services, contact them to judge for yourself.

*Philips Lifeline logo is a registered trademark of Philips N.V.

Modified: 2018-04-20