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early stage dementia

Dangers of Living Alone with Early Stage Dementia

The Alzheimer’s Association reports that nearly 6 million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease. The World Health Organization takes the reporting to a global scale, noting that 50 million people are living with some type of dementia throughout the world. Many people living with early stage dementia are not included in these numbers, as […]


A Great Call Experience Begins with a Commitment

Have you ever picked up the phone to call a business and ended up hanging up feeling frustrated, confused, or even angry? You already know how much a bad call can negatively impact your thoughts of the company. However, just as much as a bad call experience can shape our impressions, a great call experience […]


guide to preventing falls

A Guide to Preventing Falls

As we age, we become more vulnerable to certain medical conditions or crisis events. While you might think about conditions like arthritis or dementia, there is actually a more serious threat to older adults: falling. Seniors are at an increased risk to fall at home, and to suffer more severe consequences if they fall, than […]


What to consider when buying a medical alert system

Consider This Before Buying a Medical Alert System

Are you curious if a medical alert system would be the best solution for yourself or for your senior loved one? Fortunately, medical alert systems with fall detection are an excellent option for many situations, as it provides a resource that supports health and wellness at home and on the go. Older adults can benefit […]


deceased parents debt

Are You Liable for Your Deceased Parents’ Debt?

When your loved one passes away, you are thrown into making many decisions and finishing up a variety of tasks to take care of their estate. It’s an overwhelming and emotional time that can often lead to confusion and family stress. For many children, they begin worrying about who is responsible for any debt from […]


Lifeline Program

The Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, started a program in 1985 that would offer assistance to low-income households when it came to telephone services. As technology has grown, the Lifeline Program has also evolved. If you’ve ever been curious about the Lifeline Program and wondered if it could benefit you or your senior loved one, […]


gun ownership for seniors

Gun Ownership & Safety Tips for Seniors

The Pew Research Center reports that just over 40% of adults report there is a gun in their household. While the majority of gun owners are white men, the typical demographics of gun owners are changing. For example, when it comes to gun ownership for seniors, owning a firearm is becoming even more common than […]


technology for monitoring elderly parents

How to Use Technology to Monitor Elderly Parents

No matter if you are caring for aging parents in your own home or from afar, you might wonder if you are doing enough to keep your loved ones safe. The Family Caregiver Alliance reports that you are not alone in your care-giving role…or in your state of stress. More than 32 million Americans report […]


senior woman with trees in background

The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Made Seniors an Easier Target for Scammers

COVID-19 has changed so many aspects of our life, including a massive economic downturn. With many people out of work, financial scams have become more prominent than ever and senior citizens are often the target. Even before the spread of the virus, seniors were already a target for scammers. Many seniors live alone and enjoy […]


How to Get Your Siblings to Help Take Care of Aging Parents

Of course your parents love you, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t elated when they found a sitter and could step out for some alone time. Later in life, these roles can sometimes reverse, and you may find yourself repaying the favor. There may come a time when you need a little help taking care […]


elderly on a wheelchair with cane

A Sibling’s Survival Guide to Caring for Aging Parents

If you’re like most families, you’ve likely had a childhood punctuated by random quarrels among siblings. However, there comes a time when you all must band together – when your parents are no longer able to care for themselves. How do you ensure things go well when it comes to caring for elderly parents? Most […]


hands protecting seniors during pandemic senior care

4 Simple Ways to Make a Seniors Day in the Age of COVID-19

As the world grapples with the devastating effects of COVID-19, many people are seeking ways to show their love and support without risking infection themselves. Few groups could benefit more from a little encouragement than the senior community, which faces a staggering mortality rate, from the Novel Coronavirus, between 3.6% and 14.8% (ages 60-80+). Studies […]