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  • 30-Day money back guarantee
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Classic Guardian Pendant Pressed

Medical Guardian has been a leading provider of medical alert devices for years. They have fair pricing and are forthright with their information. We like the fact that they have stylish equipment options with both landline and cellular options, GPS location tracking, and fall detection options.

The discrete MGMini is available in 4 colors and is extremely small in size compared to other mobile medical alert products. They also offer the new MGMove, a cellular-based smartwatch medical alert device with an emergency SOS button for help while on-the-go. The watch’s other features include Text-to-Speech Messaging, Reminders & Alerts, Weather Forecast, Advanced Location Tracking, Weather, and more. In the event your loved one wanders off or can easily get lost, an on-the-go system with GPS location services might be the right fit for you.


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Medical Alert by Connect America Logo
Connect America Medical Alert

Since 2004, Medical Alert, a Connect America company, has been providing emergency medical alert monitoring services to thousands of senior citizens nationwide. Connect America's headquarters is located in Philadelphia, PA and they are considered one of the pioneers in the medical alarm industry.


Special Offer From medical alert

Since 2004, Medical Alert has been providing medical alert services to thousands of seniors risk free & at some of the lowest rates.

  • Starting at $19.95 Per Month
  • Free Month & Free Shipping
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • 30-day risk-free trial

DISCLOSURE: We may receive referral fees for purchases or inquiries made by you. Thanks to your support, we can maintain the website & offer special discounts, at no cost to you.

LifeFone Logo
LifeFone In-Home Medical Alert System

Lifefone has been in the business since 1976 and has done a good job keeping up with the times. We like the fact that they have packages for traditional service, cellular, as well as fall detection, mobile systems with GPS, smartphone apps and check in services.


Special Offer From LifeFone
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Subscriber Price & Equipment Guarantee
  • Spouses Protected Free
  • Cancel At Any Time & Prepaid Unused Services Are Fully Refunded

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Bay Alarm Medical Logo
Bay Alarm Medical Mobile GPS Help Button

Bay Alarm Medical is a subsidiary of Bay Alarm, which has been in business for over 71 years.  They offer comprehensive medical alert monitoring packages with a friendly sales approach. Their website is easy to navigate and informative.  They even have on-line chat available. Bay Alarm offers in-home medical alert options as well as on-the-go systems which feature a GPS Help Button. You do not have to worry about a Wi-Fi signal or internet access, as it will run off of 4G LTE cellular service.


Special Offer From Bay Alarm Medical

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Systems start at just $24.95 per month with a price lock guarantee when you call.

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LifeStation Logo
LifeStation Pendant

Experienced 40+ year monitoring company with easy to use-flexible equipment, multiple medical alert monitoring options, no-long term contracts and free shipping. They are also known for their excellent customer service so they are a company that should be on your short list.


Aloe Care Health Logo
Aloe Care Health Hub

Aloe Care Health is more than just a medical alert monitoring system, it is a total remote caregiving system with up-to-date hands-free technology.

They have Smart Fall Sensor technology that uses 3D maps to detect falls within a room and an easy-to-use voice-activated in-home system. If your loved one is a risk for falls or has problems with their feet and you’d like to prevent a delay in their emergency response, Aloe Care is a great option for you.


Philips Lifeline Systems Logo
Testing Philips Lifeline Medical Alert System

Lifeline Systems (formally Philips Lifeline} provides a comprehensive medical alert emergency response product offering and an informative website. Their core product line includes HomeSafe Standard, HomeSafe with AutoAlert, and On the Go (formally GoSafe2). Lifeline has been providing medical alarm monitoring services since 1974.


CVS Symphony Medical Alert System

The CVS Symphony medical alert program is managed by Aloe Care Health. Since CVS is primarily a reseller of the Aloe Care Health service, you will also want to read the Aloe Care Health Review, to learn more about their company, since you will be primarily interacting with them after your purchase.


Testing Life Alert Pendant

Life Alert is most well known for their TV commercials showing a senior saying "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up."  They are industry leaders and have been in business since 1987.  When most people think of Life Alert systems, this is the company that comes to mind. They offer three primary medical alert systems which include Life Alert In-Home system, Life Alert In-Home System with Help Button and Life Alert Mobile wearable device. 


GetSafe Wall Pendant

GetSafe is a medical alert system that you do not have to wear. There are no lanyards or wristbands (unless you choose that option). It is designed to work around you, not on your person. Their modern looking equipment is voice-enabled.


MobileHelp Medical Alert System

MobileHelp is a leading provider of Mobile-Personal Emergency Response technology. They have an innovative web portal called MobileHelp Connect® to compliment their medical alert systems.

They are also OEM manufacturers of medical alert devices that are used by many companies in the industry. Their latest product is the Voice Activated Help Button.


Lively Jitterbug 2 Flip Phone

Lively (formally GreatCall) is a medical alert provider that ties most of their services in with smartphone use, and even provides Jitterbug phones and call plans that are more senior friendly. This is a pretty modern option compared with other medical alert services which mainly focus on stand-alone equipment reserved only for medical alert use.

In August of 2018 GreatCall was acquired by Best Buy. In May of 2021 Greatcall rebranded to Lively. 


Senior Safety Advanced Medical Device

Senior Safety has a well-rounded service package and lots of medical alert monitoring options, along with a more personable sales approach. We do prefer companies that monitor their own accounts in their own TMA 5-Diamond monitoring center. This provides potentially better quality control with less parties involved.


ADT Medical Alert

ADT is the largest security company in the world and they have a medical alert monitoring division called Senior Health and Safety, in addition to their home security products. Their emergency centers are U.S. based, as well as owned and operated by ADT. With ADT's FOREVERate, your cost per month will never change. 


Alert1 Button and Base

Alert1 has been in the medical monitoring business for more than 30 years. They have a straightforward website that is easy to navigate. Although they do not operate their own monitoring center, the service they do use has multiple dispatch centers and is TMA 5 Diamond Certified which provides a high level of reliability through proper operator training.


One Call Alert Duo System

One Call Alert is sold in pharmacies across the country. Their medical alert monitoring services are reasonably prices and they have a variety of systems to choose from.


VRI Medical Alert Base Station

VRI Cares have been in the medical alert system business since 1989. VRI provides emergency response, fall detection, medication management and vitals monitoring for over 150,000 clients in all 50 states. While their website and call center is lacking information, their product offerings and no long-term contracts can be appealing.


Rescue Alert MXD Console

Rescue Alert has been in the medical alert monitoring business since 1981. All their dispatch representatives are EMT trained to provide help instantly when you push your medical alert button. They can also provide monitoring services in over 150 languages. Rescue Alert offers an array of medical alert products to choose from including traditional landline systems with fall detection and a GPS option.


ResponseLink Fall Detection

Response Link offers a variety of medical alert system services. They include an affordable in-home medical alert monitoring system with or without a landline, automatic fall detection and a mobile alert system.


Medguard Alert Lifewatch USA Medical Alert System

Per the Better Business Bureau's website, MedGuard Alert, Inc. has been in business since 2011. Per their sales team, they purchased LifeWatch USA in 2017. LifeWatch USA was started in 1996. They basically offer three medical alert monitoring system options along with a cellular version.


Holding Life Protect 24/7 Mobile Monitoring Unit

Life Protect 24/7 only offers on-the-go service with their Mobile Monitoring Unit. They have a very limited product offering, no automatic fall detection service, and not a lot of product information online. They do offer a price lock guarantee along with UL-Listed back-up monitoring centers.


Medical Care Alert Pendant

Medical Care Alert has certified call agents on both sides of the country ready to take your call. They offer three medical alert systems including two for the home and a mobile GPS system. Fall detection is also available.


Choosing The Best Medical Alert System

There are lots of choices when it comes to finding the best medical alert systems on the market. Medical Alert Advice is like a study guide that provides your family side-by-side comparison tools to help find the right medical alert device to fit your loved one’s lifestyle and give caregivers peace of mind. We take the guesswork out of decision-making. Whether they are prone to falls or need important medication reminders, you can trust our expert reviews. Here are a few frequently asked questions about medical alert systems.

When you have a quality medical alert system in place, help is never too far away. If something unexpected happens, you are never alone. Even if you don’t feel that you are at risk for a fall, the unexpected could happen at any time. If you are alone and encounter physical distress, that could be a real problem.

Some people get concerned about living on their own, once they become susceptible to falling or begin having mobility issues. However, with a medical alert system, many are able to put aside that anxiety and live independently at home for many more years. Medical alert systems are affordable and offer many benefits. These systems offer secure monitoring in your home. They also make use of wireless wifi and cellular options to keep you protected when you are away from your house.

As one learns more about medical alert systems, it becomes clear how much these systems can make your life safer and easier. You will be able to live independently in your own home, with 24/7 monitoring. Our reviews are designed to help you make an informed decision. This guide is designed to help you to select the right system that satisfies your unique needs.

What is an In-Home Medical Alert System?

An At-Home Medical Alert System usually consists of a base unit and a wearable medical alert pendant. The user will press the button when they need help, and they will be connected to the medical alert company's monitoring center either through the pendant directly if it has voice-in-pendant technology or through the base station. Each company has a different range within the home that the base station unit will connect with the pendant so be sure to check the range to see if it will work for your home. Not every system will work in a Bi-level home. Make sure to do your research to ensure that your system can function properly in your particular environment. You can often find answers to questions about any given system by searching online reviews. Manufactures also have customer services lines set-up to answer your questions.

What is an On-the-Go Medical Alert System?

An On-the-Go Medical Alert System usually consists of a pendant or device that can be used outside of the home. They typically run on a cellular network and have GPS location tracking technology. This is the perfect option for a senior who is very active outside of the home. On-the-go alert systems are more popular than ever, with mobile apps and technological advances making them a viable and often the best option.

What are the monthly fees for a medical alert system?

Monthly fees vary from company to company and from system to system. Typically, an at-home landline medical alert system will cost around $20-$30 per month. Some medical alert companies charge an equipment or activation fee so be sure to check all the costs. In our reviews, we break down if the company offers special discounts for groups such as AARP or for advanced payments.

Do you need wifi for your medical alert system?

You do not have to have wifi to use your medical alert system in your home. Most systems today run on LTE cellular networks which are often more reliable than landlines or wifi networks.

Can you wear a medical alert badge with a pacemaker?

In many cases, yes, you should be able to wear your medical alert button with a pacemaker. We do suggest, as do some manufacturers, that you contact the manufacturer of your pacemaker and check on whether their pacemaker is susceptible to radio frequency emissions consistent with the frequency of the wearable medical alert device. You'll need to find out what frequency range your medical alert device uses from the medical alert company you choose.

How much do medical alert systems cost per month?

Pricing is based on the system itself as well as the accessories that one chooses. Basic landline systems can cost as little as $19.95 per month when paying in advance. If you are a member of AARP, you can get a 15% discount on a system from Lifeline Systems. Generally speaking, because there is such a wide range of options, an affordable system is within budget for almost anyone in need.

Can you cancel a medical alert if you are okay?

If you accidentally activate an alert, that’s okay! Just let the operator know that it was an accident. They will then confirm your information and disconnect the call. Some alert systems will summon medical assistance to your location so its important to cancel if you do not need help. If an alert badge or button malfunctions, you will need to work with the company to quickly resolve the problem.

Can I get a discount on my medical alert system?

Getting a medical alert system is often the right choice for those who are living alone and concerned about falling down or having physical difficulties which could require help. While these devices are essential for many seniors, they are not usually covered by insurance. Fortunately, AARP and some health organizations offer discounts on the hardware and / or monthly service fees.

What is the best medical alert system for seniors?

The answer depends greatly on your needs! If your loved one is prone to slips and falls, you will want a company that offers automatic fall detection. If you have a large home, you will need a system with a long base unit range or an extender. If you don’t want to be locked into a long-term contract, you will want a company that offers month-to-month service with no long-term contracts. There are also companies that offer additional services such as medication monitoring. We break down all this information and more in our medical alert system reviews. There are many types of medical alert systems sold. Each can be designed to satisfy a specific need. Some individuals want only the basics. Others prefer to bundle emergency medical services and other protections. While add-ons offer premium service, they are priced accordingly. This warrants spending some time on research to ensure you get the best value.

Do medical alert systems work outside the home?

Some medical alert systems do work effectively outside the home. Older adults should not be stuck indoors just so that they can be protected by their alert system. Most medical alert systems have options that allow for monitoring outside the home, so you can be outdoors and still call for help. This is one example of an added benefit available. Doing your research and and investing in the right monitoring system improves the likelihood of satisfaction.

Can you wear a medical alert in the shower?

Bathrooms can be high risk for many older adults. Modern alert systems are designed to get wet and be used in showers. The warranty or optional service plan will protect against a variety of failures, including exposure to water.

Do medical alert systems need to be charged?

Not every device needs be charged daily, and some buttons don't need to be charged at all. Most traditional pendants have long life batteries that can last for years before needing replacement. In fact, the button itself is typically replaced. When you're talking about mobile medical alerts or on-the-go type systems, then charging is necessary. You might consider having two devices so that one can be worn while the other is charging. This is a practical way to use these devices, and there may be a cost benefit to selecting this kind of system. Most of the medical alert systems and devices charge relatively quickly.

Is a medical alert like a cell phone?

While your medical alert may connect to a cell network when away from the home, it is not a mobile phone. There are some smartphone apps that do allow you to use your smartphone as a medical alert and even your iphone has an emergency SOS feature for any type of emergency. Some medical alert systems even extend their features using Bluetooth communication on your smartphone phone. But, in most cases it's probably best that the technology be independent to ensure that it can be counted on for the function that it is designed for. Combining the two devices is not the most effective way to deliver this kind of protection.

Do I need someone to install my medical alert system?

Typically, no. Most systems are as easy as taking it out of the box and plugging it in! You'll want to then test your system for button range and connection to the monitoring center. If you need help with the setup of your device, you can usually reach out to customer service and get a few simple tips to get your system active and ready to protect you.

What do Medical Alert Systems do?

Medical alert systems are designed to call for assistance if you fall down , get hurt, or have any type of medical emergency. There are many types of accidents that can take place in your home. When you live alone and have limited mobility, being able to push a button and summon health care support can make all the difference in the severity of your accident and injuries. Maintaining independence and aging in place is important to many seniors and a medical alert product can help.

Why trust our expert reviews?

Medical Alert Advice thoroughly researches each medical alert company and provides unbiased information straight from the source. We ask the questions that will help the consumer make the best decision possible for their family. In fact, we've been doing this since 2009; longer than any other review website that is dedicated to helping you find the best medical alert system on the internet! We offer reviews that are relevant to those living primarily in the U.S and to individuals who want to maintain their independence by living alone and unassisted. Older adults should not have to give up their independence when these products are readily available and can be configured to meet nearly any budget.

We are happy to help you or your loved one find peace of mind that the coverage of a medical alert monitoring system can provide. Be sure to let us know if you have any questions along the way!

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