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MobileHelp claims they are America's leading provider of Mobile-Personal Emergency Response technology. They do have an innovative web portal called MobileHelp Connect to compliment their medical alert systems. Their equipment is modern-looking, and they don't have a pushy sales team. We like the fact that they have all of the latest technology with no phone line (cellular), GPS, activity monitoring, medication reminders, and automatic fall detection options.

There are two main products that the MobileHelp system provides:

1. MobileHelp Classic: A cellular, no home phone line system with optional automatic fall detection and access to MobileConnect (described below).

2. MobileHelp Solo: A cellular-based GPS tracking enabled mobile option, for protection in or outside the home home and access to MobileConnect.

MobileConnect: An online portal (also accessible through an app on your phone) that provides you or someone who is concerned about you with emergency alerts, non-emergency alerts, system status alerts, and allows for up to (30) Location Service requests (pings) with any subscription that includes their GPS enabled Mobile Device. MobileConnect is included with any of their subscription services but its features may be limited to your mobile medical alert equipment's capabilities.

There are also four different discounted-bundled service packages and some include their premium service offerings:

1. MobileHelp Duo: Combines the MobileHelp Classic and MobileHelp Solo packages for both in home medical alert system and on the go coverage.

2. MobileVitals Classic: MobileHelp Classic paired with one blue-tooth accessory (choose from a blood pressure cuff, digital scale, or pulse monitor) to allow easy daily tracking of important health information that can be viewed in graph form on MobileConnect.

3. MobileVitals Duo: MobileHelp Duo paired with one blue-tooth accessory (choose from a blood pressure cuff, digital scale, or pulse monitor) to allow easy daily tracking of important health information that can be viewed in graph form online.

4. MobileConnect Premium: MobileConnect Premium is available for an extra $5.00 monthly fee on any subscription and includes the online portal provided with MobileConnect, equipment replacement plan (deductible applies), (30) additional Location Service requests (pings), discounts on the Fall Button and accessories, Activity Monitoring, Medication Reminders, and the MobileVitals service.


No equipment or set-up charges, activity monitoring option, advanced medication reminder option, equipment status alerts, refunds for unused months of service, and emergency 24-hour emergency support.


Equipment replacement can be expensive without their protection plan, and even with this plan, they require a deductible.  Their monitoring center is not company owned or TMA (CSAA) Five Diamond Certified but did receive the central station of the year award in 2016.

Rating: 4.5

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Pros & Cons To Consider

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MobileHelp Review

Cost for Equipment

Free equipment (self installation) as long as you are an active subscriber and no activation charges.  Shipping is $15.00 but waived with quarterly, semi-annually, and annual payment plans.

Cost Per Month

$29.95/month (plus sales tax in Wisconsin and New Jersey)

Advance Payment Discounts

$83.85/Quarterly Payment
$159.70/Semi-Annually Payment
$324.40/Annually Payment (plus free 13th month)

Monitoring Agreement Term

30-day risk free trial period.  No long-term contracts. You will also receive a refund for any pre-paid monthly services, prorated from the day MobileHelp receives the returned equipment.

Repairs or Replacement Charges

Replacements are shipped free for defective equipment and battery replacements. Optional $5.00/month equipment protection plan (called MobileConnect Premium) for damaged or lost equipment, that could cost anywhere between $54.95 to $300.00 to replace without it.  They do require a $20 deductible for replacements with this plan.
Cancellation Policy & Discounts
MobileHelp Review

Cancel at Any Time


Senior Discount


Other Discounts

MobileHelp Review

Approximate Button Range in Typical Home

The MobileHelp Classic base station unit has a 600' range. The MobileHelp Mobile Device has a 350' range.

Watch/Button Battery Life

Battery will last over 5 years. Replacements are sent after 3 years.

What Happens if I Lose Power

System has approximately 30 hours of battery backup.

Is the Watch/Button Waterproof


How Can The Button Be Worn

Neck and wrist alert button options. Can choose both when ordering, and a second button comes free.

UL Certified Equipment


Does The System Automatically Test Itself To The Monitoring Center

No.  You can test the system as often as you wish though, and MobileConnect allows you to set-up free equipment status alerts.

24 Hour Technical & Customer Support

24-hour emergency support is available. Customer Support is available 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM EST on weekdays.
Monitoring Station
MobileHelp Review

TMA (CSAA) Five Diamond Certified Monitoring Center

No, and also not company owned or managed. Although not TMA (formally CSAA) five diamond certified, Rapid Response monitoring received the 2016 Central Station of the year award.

Typical Response Time When Button Pressed

Average response time of 17 seconds.
Other Options & Information
MobileHelp Review

How Fast Does System Ship

Ships same day if received and processed by 2:00 PM EST.

Do You Need Separate Systems For Mom & Dad

No additional cost for a second person with the MobileHelp Classic system. Other systems may require dual equipment that can cost more.
Optional Advanced Features
MobileHelp Review

Activity or Inactivity Monitoring

Yes, with MobileConnect Premium utilizing the MobileHelp Fall Button for an additional $5.00 per month.

Senior Fall Detection

Yes, available to be paired with all subscriptions, MobileHelp Classic, MobileHelp Duo or MobileHelp Solo, for an additional $10/month, utilizing the MobileHelp Fall Button.

Cellular or No Phone Line

Yes.  All of their main equipment options, MobileHelp Classic, MobileHelp Duo and Mobile Help Solo do not require a landline.

Non-GPS Mobile Alert System For Protection On The Go


Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Protection


GPS Medical Alert Tracking System

Yes, with MobileHelp Duo and MobileHelp Solo (any package that includes the Mobile Device).
Special Offers
MobileHelp Review

Special Offers For Our Visitors

None at this time


Cancel at Any Time Policy - If you are not happy with your system or service, you can cancel and get a refund for unused months of service paid.

Cellular Option - All of their subscriptions are cellular based in case you are without traditional land-line phone service.

Fall Detector Option - Since diabetics can have the tendency to faint and falls are common among seniors, fall detectors can be helpful because the user may be unable to press their medical emergency button.

MobileVitals Option - Choose from a blood pressure cuff, digital scale, or pulse monitor to allow easy daily tracking of important health information.

Mobile GPS Option
- (Available with MobileHelp Duo or MobileHelp Solo utilizing the Mobile Device). For seniors or even young children on the go, this location tracking option may be important for you.

Location Services - (Available with MobileHelp Duo or MobileHelp Solo utilizing the Mobile Device) An online mapping service that allows your family members to see where the Mobile Device is at any given time, within approximately 10 feet. This mobile system can be useful for family members concerned about your location or if you misplace the mobile device.

Activity Monitoring - (Available option with the MobileHelp Fall Button) Activity monitoring typically requires the user to check in with the system by pressing a button once every 24 hours. However, MobileHelp has automated this service using information from the accelerometer located inside the Fall Button. Activity can be seen on the MobileConnect portal for a 3-month time span, so you can see trends in activity levels. This is very beneficial as it allows you to know that your loved one is active and about each day.

Medication Reminders - (Available with MobileHelp Classic, MobileHelp Duo, MobileVitals Classic and MobileVitals Duo for an additional $5.00 per month) Having the alert device system remind you of when to take medication is a nice feature, although not required by all. Many of these services have the main unit console provide some sort of beep reminder on regular interval to remind you of when to take your medication. With most other competing services, the downside to this option is that it will not tell you what or how much medication to take. However with MobileHelp, using the MobileConnect portal, you can type the names of medication or descriptions of what the medications look like (for instance "oval yellow pill") and dosage information that will display on the Base Station in your home.


Equipment Replacement – If a defective or dead battery is not the problem, it can be expensive to replace equipment if you don't subscribe to their MobileConnect Premium service.  And even with this service, a deductible is required. 

Monitoring Center – Their monitoring centers are not company owned or TMA (CSAA) Five Diamond certified.

No Smoke & CO Options – With such a complete service offering, we would have liked to have seen monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detectors offered, although they may be subject to local building code requirements. 

Bottom Line:

We feel MobileHelp is a solid mobile medical alert system choice to consider when making your decision. They have professional, knowledgeable staff who answered all of our questions. They have many service options to choose from along with the latest technologies, including MobileVitals for tracking important health data all from your cell phone.

We really like their Medication Reminders option because it can provide names and dosages right on the base station's display. MobileHelp does offer the medication reminders initially free in their bundle packages, but note that the "free price" only applies to the first billing cycle of any plan that you select.

Currently, MobileHelp has an A+ BBB rating with the better business bureau.

Although our experience with this company had these results, your experience may be different. If you're interested in this company's services, contact them to judge for yourself.

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Modified: 2018-01-24