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How to Get a Medical Alert System for Free

Staying independent and safe at home for as long as possible is a common goal for many aging adults. Having peace of mind knowing someone is always there to help in case of an emergency is a common goal for family members of aging adults. The right medical alert system can help both groups (the […]


unmonitored medical alert systems

Best Medical Alert Systems with No Monthly Fee

When you think of staying safe and independent at home for as long as possible, a medical alert system is often an essential part of the plan. However, it can be difficult to determine which medical alert system and device best suits your budget, lifestyle, and needs. While many seniors choose to go with a […]


Senior Man At Home Using Distress Alarm Call Button

Life Alert vs. Philips Lifeline

As you begin to research medical alert systems, you might find yourself feeling surprised by all the options that are available. Even just 20 years ago, there were just a few medical alert solutions on the market but today’s adults have a variety of companies, devices, and services to choose from. Perhaps the most iconic […]


Mobile vs. At Home Medical Alert Systems

Mobile Medical Alerts vs. At Home Medical Alert Systems

Choosing the right medical alert system can be difficult, especially when so many options are available. However, it is essential to find a system and device that will support you or your loved one and give you the assistance and peace of mind you deserve. Understanding your options can help you determine which type of […]


does Walmart sell medical alert systems?

Does Walmart Sell Medical Alert Systems?

There’s something intimidating about making a major purchase online, especially without having the opportunity to touch the item and try it for yourself. For those looking for medical alert systems, finding systems online that are only available direct from manufacturers was once the only option. However, now retailers like Walmart are beginning to sell a […]


Most affordable medical alert systems

Most Affordable Medical Alert Systems

As you or your loved one gets older, you might find that you can relax a bit more when you know there is a plan in place in case of a medical emergency. However, not all plans for aging need to include home care or a senior living community. In fact, many wise plans include […]


How to Find a Gym for Seniors

Purposefully and intentionally moving your body is one of the best ways you can stay healthy, no matter your age. However, it can become more intimidating to walk into a gym or group fitness class if you are an older adult, even if you have had experience with physical exercise in the past. Fortunately, there […]


Self-Care Activities for Seniors

When you think of health and wellness as you age, what habits or activities come to mind? While most people think of staying physically fit with plenty of exercise and healthy eating, there is a lot more to holistic wellness than regular walks around the block and salads for dinner. In fact, more and more […]


How to Get Up After a Fall: A Guide for Seniors

If you have ever fallen before, you already know it is a scary and vulnerable situation to be in. For many older adults, falling can cause serious health consequences, both physically and emotionally. However, feeling prepared with what to do immediately after a fall can help older adults feel empowered and confident should they find […]


The Best Personal Safety Devices, Apps and Alarms

No matter your age, staying healthy and safe is a priority. However, as we get older, that extra peace of mind that comes with knowing help is always nearby is even more crucial. Thankfully, technology has given older adults and their loved ones solutions to common issues ranging from emergency response to locating someone to […]


Methodology for Cost Comparison: How to Compare Brands and Prices

No matter if you are purchasing something online or through a brick-and-mortar store, you can get the most for your money by knowing how to compare brands and prices effectively. While cost comparison can be handy for major purchases, you can also use it for items with a smaller price tag such as Life Alert […]


Home Maintenance and Safety

August Home Maintenance and Safety Checklist

While it is still summertime across the country, August is actually an ideal time to begin preparing your home for the fall months. The weather is still nice enough to get outside to do inspections or maintenance, and you still have plenty of time to schedule any assistance from outside vendors before the full force […]