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What Is a Medical Assistant (CMA)?

If you are searching for a career with stability and the opportunity to make a real difference in your community, healthcare jobs are the answer. Working in healthcare can give you the chance to form your own career path, ensuring you can take charge of your future and what comes next. Fortunately, starting a career […]


What Does Aging in Place Really Mean?

  Most people would like to continue living at home as they age, or with family if necessary. Nearly everyone wants as much independence as possible as they get older. The concept of aging independently is central to the idea of “aging in place.” Aging in place looks like different things to different people, and […]


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How to Identify Elder Abuse

If you have entrusted the life of your elderly loved one to a caregiver, it is hard to imagine the person violating that trust by hurting someone you love.  Unfortunately, elder abuse by caregivers is a very real issue.  In 2012, the National Center on Elder Abuse reported that one to two million older Americans […]


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In-Home Care or Assisted Living?

When to consider assisted living is a topic on most of the minds of children with aging loved ones. If you have an aging relative, you have likely already come to terms with the fact that they may not always be able to fully take care of themselves on their own.  When that time arrives, […]


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Tips for Finding an In-Home Health Care Provider

If you have an aging relative who is living independently, chances are the time will arrive when they find they just can’t handle all of their responsibilities on their own anymore.  However, this does not necessarily mean your loved one needs to either move in with you or into an assisted living facility.  Sometimes the […]


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Who Else Should Consider Purchasing a Medical Alert System?

Contrary to the advertising you so often see on television, medical alert systems were not designed for use solely by the elderly. If you read our Bay Alarm Medical reviews you will see that they can actually be used by individuals of all ages for a variety of reasons, both short and long term. For […]


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Who Would Benefit the Most from a Medical Alert System?

While we often think of medical alert systems as items for the elderly, this is not necessarily the case.  There are actually individuals of all ages who could greatly benefit from having a medical alert system.  Read our Medical Guardian reviews for a full product list.


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6 Caregiver Qualities

Choosing an in-home caregiver for an elderly relative is an extremely important decision.  In this situation, you are looking for so much more than a licensed professional; you want someone who will treat your loved one with the same respect and kindness as you would. It’s also important to find a professional caregiver with a […]


Find In-Home Care Providers In Your Area

How In-Home Care Helps Your Parents Live Comfortably

Your father died four years ago. Since then your mother has been living alone in their home in a gated community. She has always had an active social life, is mentally competent, and knows how to get help. She loves her home and has told you she wants to stay there forever.


In-Home Care Provides Seniors The Help They Need

What is In-Home Care and How Does it Benefit Seniors?

When elderly people can no longer care for themselves in their own homes, in-home care can allow them to stay at home. Whether home is a private home or a retirement setting,


In-home Care Providers Help Seniors Remain in Their Own Homes

Five Critical Questions to Ask Potential Home Health Care Providers

In-home care providers offer a practical option when seniors are no longer able to care for themselves in their own homes or if a family caregiver is not an option. But how do you know if a potential in-home caregiver has the skills to provide the compassionate and competent care you want for your loved […]