Who Else Should Consider Purchasing a Medical Alert System?

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Updated: June 5, 2022


emergency care for those after surgery

Medical alert devices aren’t just for the elderly, it’s just best to be prepared.

Contrary to the advertising you so often see on television, medical alert systems were not designed for use solely by the elderly. If you read our Bay Alarm Medical reviews you will see that they can actually be used by individuals of all ages for a variety of reasons, both short and long term. For example, medical alert systems can be extremely useful for anyone in the following categories.

  • Anyone undergoing physical therapy or rehabilitation treatments.
  • A person with physical difficulties which require the use of a cane, walker, or wheelchair to move from place to place.
  • Anyone taking a medication that has dizziness as a side effect.
  • An individual who lives alone or spends much of the day home alone.
  • Someone who is recovering from a surgery.
  • A female who is on bed rest due to a difficult pregnancy or any pregnant woman living alone.
  • Someone with a serious medical condition, such as a seizure disorder or diabetes.

One solution for people in any of the above circumstances would be to live in an environment where there is always another person around to help them. In many cases, this would mean moving out of their own home and into a retirement home or rehabilitation facility. This not only means giving up the comfort of a known environment, but it can be very expensive as well. As of 2010, the average cost of staying in a semi-private room in a nursing home was $229 per day, which comes to $6,965 per month.

Similarly, a one bedroom unit in an assisted living facility cost $3,293 per month! On the other hand, you can achieve peace of mind with a medical alert system for much less money. The average cost of a high-quality system is a mere $25-$30 per month. This means that for roughly $1 a day, a medical alert system can help you maintain your quality of life in your preferred environment.

Regardless of the circumstances in which you need to use it, having a medical alert system in your home can give both you and your family peace of mind in the event of a medical emergency. By pressing the button on a communicator worn around your neck or wrist, you will instantly reach a call center operating 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and operators will contact your family and first responders, as needed, to get you the help you need.