MGMove Wearable Medical Alert System Smartwatch

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Updated: March 12, 2024

MGMove Smartwatch From Medical Guardian

Image via Medical Guardian

Medical alert devices have not always been stylish accessories. They have been functional, sure, but plastic pendants were not always the preference of the adults who needed them. Fortunately, medical alert companies have taken notice and made every effort to give users not only a reliable way to contact someone in case of an emergency, but also an accessory that is stylish and functional in non-emergency times as well. In fact, medical alert devices have taken inspiration from a piece of essential technology many adults already wear: the smartwatch.

Medical Guardian’s MGMove is a smartwatch that is showing the world what medical alert devices can look like today. It is Medical Guardian’s next generation smartwatch following the popular Freedom Guardian.

What Is a Medical Alert Smartwatch?

A medical alert smartwatch is a lifesaving medical alert that looks like, and operates like, a digital watch. This cellular-based medical alert device offers peace of mind to the user because they can always ask for assistance in case of a medical emergency or fall. But it does more than that as well – it counts steps, sends messages, and pushes weather notifications and calendar reminders.

Product Overview – Key Features of the MGMove

Medical Guardian MGMove

The MGMove features an easy-to-use SOS button. Image via Medical Guardian

The MGMove is a part of the Medical Guardian family of products which means it was designed with older adults in mind. Medical Guardian knows how to create products that suit the needs and preferences of a variety of seniors, including the more active ones who are out and about each day gardening, grabbing coffee with friends, or running errands. The MGMove definitely caters to the active health conscious senior, but can also be a wonderful option for someone who prefers to stay at home as well.

Features of the MGMove include:

  • High-resolution face display
  • SOS emergency assistance button, located on the side of the watch when you have an emergency event
  • Access to the Medical Guardian 5-diamond certified monitoring center for emergency response
  • Text-to-speech messaging
  • Location tracking using GPS, WiPS, and triangulation data
  • Alarms and alerts
  • Updated local weather forecasts
  • Oversized icons
  • Step counter
  • Adjustable band
  • Water-resistant technology
  • Shake to Wake feature
  • 24-hour battery life
  • Easy self product testing to the monitoring center

What You Get with the MGMove

When you purchase the MGMove, you get the smartwatch device and charger. You also get access to the Medical Guardian’s monitoring center, which provides 24/7 response when you push the SOS button. For an additional small fee, you’ll also get access to the MyGuardian interactive app and web portal that helps you designate family members to communicate with, make reminders, and personalize your experience.

Pricing & Affordability

The price of the MGMove device is $199.95. Monthly fees and costs that cover the 24/7 monitoring service and other features are $39.95, though there can be a small discount for those who choose to make an annual payment to make it more affordable. This choice may depend on your monthly cash-flow situation so only make this investment if you can easily afford it. 

Contracts and Warranty

None of Medical Guardian’s products or services require a long-term contract and the MGMove is no different. You can cancel at any time without penalty. As for a warranty, the device is covered by a 90-day warranty that will cover any malfunctions or technical issues. We do wish you received a longer warranty with the MGMove but you do have the option to purchase a protection plan for an additional $6.99 per month.

Setting Up the MGMove Smartwatch

Setting up the MGMove is quick and easy. Simply remove the device and the charging station from the box. Plug the watch into the charging station. You’ll hear that it is charging with an audio confirmation from the device.

Once the watch is fully charged, you can begin to learn the device a bit better. Access icons and features by swiping left and right. Ensure you know where the red SOS button is as well. Don’t worry if you accidentally press the button and trigger a false alarm as the watch will ask you if you need to cancel the call for help.

You can also link your account to the MyGuardian app by following the instructions inside the box.

Testing the MGMove Smartwatch

Speaking of the SOS button, there is another way to test the medical alert feature of your new MGMove. You can use the blue TEST icon on the screen any time you want to test the connection to the monitoring center. You will be connected to an automated test call, not a monitoring agent in the call center. You can practice using the two-way speaker by answering the question the recording asks you.

Using the MGMove

Using the MGMove is easy to get the hang of. Simply press any icon in order to access that service, feature, or menu. We like the Reminders feature, the Messaging feature for the Social Circle add-on, battery alerts, and step counting.

Add-On Features and Accessories

As with any medical alert device, there are some features you can add to your MGMove. 

  • The first is the Social Circle app, which allows you to designate family members to join your circle. This way, you can communicate with them on the smartwatch by using the app. This feature costs $5 per month.
  • For an additional $2.99 per month, you can opt into OnGuard Alerts, the Enhanced Emergency Notifications service. This service emails and texts your designated family contacts in any emergency event.
  • If you choose to purchase online there are a couple of recommended options that are not directly related to the MGMove that you can add to your order. You can purchase the Alert911 speaker box for $9.99 per month. This allows you to speak directly with a 911 operator on any cell network. We don’t think that’s a necessary add-on with the MGMove. 
  • For $2.99 per month, users can purchase a secure lockbox to place on their property for first responders. Add your house key so first responders can get into your home in case of an emergency. Medical Guardian can tell first responders the location of the lockbox and the code for it. This could be a good add-on or you can purchase your own lockbox at most home centers to avoid the additional monthly cost.

Social Circle & MyGuardian Apps

The MGMove, like other Medical Guardian products, comes with access to the MyGuardian web portal and apps and also the optional Social Circle. Users can communicate with their designated family members via the Messages app as well as keep track of medication reminders or calendar events through the Reminders app. The MyGuardian app works as a portal for the system and can provide assistance with managing your bill, updating your Care Circle of designated family members, and checking on the battery or connectivity of any device registered to the account.

The Care Circle users create can ensure that family members are in the loop with emergency events. However, it also allows designees to contribute to reminders or tasks lists as well as maintain user information via the online MyGuardian portal.


Pros and Cons of the MGMove Watch

In our opinion, Medical Guardian is one of the best medical alert system companies on the market. They have done a great job with the MGMove. 

Benefits of the MGMove include:

  • Discrete peace of mind
  • Access to the 24/7 monitoring center
  • Health related features like: step tracking data, messaging, and medication reminders
  • Location tracking data
  • Easy to use with technical support when needed
  • Can use it with or without a smartphone

Drawbacks of the MGMove:

  • No fall detection technology built into the smartwatch
  • No sleep tracking
  • Requires a strong cellular signal strength to ensure reliability & good battery life
  • It can get more expensive when adding on apps and other a la carte features
  • The high up-front cost when purchasing the device

Why You Can Trust Our Expert Review

The team at Medical Alert Advice takes care in reviewing all relevant products on the market and have been doing so since 2009. We take time to research the company, their website, customer reviews, and their products during our evaluation.

Why MGMove Is One of Our Top Picks

The MGMove is one more outstanding product from the team at Medical Guardian. We love that the MGMove is designed to meet the needs of the active senior, but doesn’t require the user to be exceptionally tech-savvy in order to have a good user experience. It’s easy to use and a snap to navigate the user interface. 

We also like that the SOS button is easy to press and that the device uses two-way communication so the user can connect verbally with the operator. And of course, we love that the user gets 24/7 access to the 5-diamond certified monitoring center whenever they use the SOS button. We think the testing option is a smart addition. It helps Medical Guardian’s operators focus on actual emergency calls while providing a 24 hour testing option for the user that also allows them to practice using their new medical alert smartwatch. 

Finally, we love the other features on the watch that make daily life a bit more convenient. The step counter, weather notifications, and messaging options are top on our list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Medicare cover the MGMove?

Medicare does not cover medical alert devices, including the MGMove. Depending on your supplemental insurance plan, you might be able to offset some of the costs using other insurance benefits.

How long is the battery life of the MGMove?

The battery lasts about 24 hours before it needs to be charged. The smartwatch will offer reminders and notifications when the battery life gets low and the device needs to be charged.

Do I need a smartphone to use the MGMove?

No. You can use the MGMove with or without an iPhone or Android smartphone. You don’t need a computer either.

Do I need to pay for cellular service to use the MGMove?

No. Although your MGMove uses a cellular network to connect with the monitoring center, those costs are already included in your monthly fee when purchasing.

The Bottom Line

If you or your older loved one could benefit from the peace of mind a medical alert device provides but don’t like a traditional pendant, the MGMove could be a great fit. Compare other medical alert options here as you collect your data and move toward your final decision.