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How to Identify Scams That Affect Seniors & Others

How to Outsmart the Latest Senior Scams

These days, scams have become smarter and more sophisticated and we as consumers need to do our best to be aware of the latest and greatest out there. Medical Alert Advice’s friends at LifeLock (a Symantec company) have put together a very handy guide to identify scams, along with a useful guide about identity theft and […]


Elder-Proof Your Home To Let Loved Ones Age In Place

As we get older, daily tasks that were once done without any thought can become troublesome and even dangerous.  The risk of tripping or taking a fall increases with age and decline related to health issues.  As mobility decreases, dangers in the home seem to rise.


Who Would Benefit From a Medical Alert System? Not Just Seniors!

Have you noticed how most TV commercials or magazine ads portray those that use home medical alert devices as seniors? It’s a natural assumption that these systems are indeed only for the elderly because we’ve been trained to think so.  However, the truth is that a medical alert system is truly ideal for nearly anyone […]



Tips For Helping Seniors Budget on a Fixed Income

Today, many retirees don’t have 401(k)s or any other pension plan. As a result, many senior citizens will have to get by using just their Social Security earnings. For those who had been accustomed to living well beyond that income bracket, making the necessary adjustments can be a tough process. Yet, with the right information, […]



The History of Life Alert Services For Seniors

Life alert services date back to 1972 when a psychology professor called Dibner came up with an idea of helping the elderly get emergency help even when they could not get to their telephones. Dibner thought that such a device would save many seniors’ lives by getting them the help they need as soon as […]


senior citizens and technology

Using Technology To Stay Connected With Your Senior Loved Ones

Many seniors’ lives are cut short because the quality of their life deteriorated due to social isolation.  Available research shows that seniors who stay connected to their loved ones live longer than those who live their autumn years alone. While many would want to maintain close contact with their parents, it is not always possible […]


elderly parents needing help

The First Signs That Your Aging Parents Need Help

As your parents grow older, it will become increasingly difficult for them to adequately take care of themselves. You may have noticed during your last visit that your dad has quite a pile of letters he is yet to open. Perhaps you saw your mother a little less tidy than the last time you had […]



How to Make Seniors Feel at Home in a New Living Space

When moving to a new living space, feeling at home might be hard to do. However, with the right tips and tricks, you can make anyone feel more at home and ready to take on a new world, a new life, and a new home. Use these tips to make the senior you know feel […]



The History of 911

Feeling safe begins with the specific safeguards that are out there that provide the person with a sense of comfort and security. 911 is one of these comforts that people use whenever they are in distress and need help. 911 is able to provide your home with firefighters, paramedics for medical emergencies, or police officers […]



Safest Places for Seniors to Live in the US

Seniors enjoy getting out there, finding a comfortable, safe place to live, and seeing the world. Whether they want to move away from their hometown, or move to somewhere warmer and much more welcoming of seniors; numerous cities and states welcome not only seniors, but also children and families and are rated the top safest […]


Seniors Enjoying Company

Tips For Saving Senior Citizens From Loneliness

As we age, it becomes increasingly more difficult to find activities and ways to keep your mind busy, your body active, and your emotions at bay in regards to avoiding feeling lonely. More often than not, it may be directly associated with losing a loved one, such as your spouse. 


consider an assisted living situation

When You Should Consider Assisted Living

Do you have an elderly loved one who is still independent but starting to struggle with everyday activities?  If so, an assisted living facility may be the right choice for them.  An assisted living facility is a good idea if your loved one can no longer live completely on their own, but aren’t in the […]