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In-Car Medical Alert System

Bay Alarm Medical’s In-Car Medical Alert System Provides Peace of Mind Behind the Wheel

  As seniors get older, health complications or chronic conditions can lead them to begin worrying about losing their independence. For many older adults, losing their driver’s license is a traumatic event, as their license represents the ability to go where they want, when they want. However, even though seniors want to keep their driving […]


active guardian

Active Guardian: A Medical Alert System for Seniors On the Go

Today’s older adults are active and bucking every trend or stereotype that implies retirement is for sitting at home relaxing. Instead, older adults today are tackling retirement with vigor; some choose to work or consult part-time while others are traveling the world or volunteering at their favorite organizations. In any case, more active seniors still […]


telehealth and telemedicine

What’s the Difference Between Telehealth and Telemedicine?

Telehealth is a term that encompasses all types of technological interventions and services that improve patient care and the healthcare experience in general. Telehealth includes, for example, the digital platform that allows a radiologist to remotely look at an x-ray or for a specialist across the state to check a digital medical chart for consultation […]


Cherry Home Makes Fall Monitoring Discreet and Effective

If your senior loved one lives at home independently, you may already know the worry that can accompany every additional diagnosis or challenge. It’s common for family caregivers to lose sleep over worrying about their senior loved one’s safety when they are alone at home. However, moving to a senior living community is not always […]


How Family Guardian Keeps Long-Distance Caregivers Informed

  If you aren’t caring for an aging loved one, you likely know someone who is. Informal caregiving, or unpaid caregiving by family members or friends, is increasingly common for today’s older adults. In fact, the Family Caregiver Alliance estimates that 1 in 6 Americans who are working full or parttime also have some type […]


Vayyar HOME SmartHome Technology Can Detect & Prevent Falls

  Homes today are definitely not the same as the homes of the 1980s or 90s. Thanks to technology, it is common for most houses to feature smart plugs, smart TVs, smart locks and virtual assistant services like Alexa or Siri. SmartHome technology is making life a bit easier and more convenient, which is why […]


Freedom Guardian medical alert device

Freedom Guardian: A Smarter and More Stylish Medical Alert

  Just a decade ago, medical alert devices were functional but definitely not stylish. Fortunately, advances in technology along with taking opinions of active seniors into account have given the market a much-needed revitalization. Today, medical alert devices are functional, smart, and actually useful during daily life and not just in emergencies. It only takes […]


Automatic Pill Dispenser

Hero Uses Technology to Make Medication Management Easier

One of the major concerns family members of senior loved ones share is worry about medication management. It’s no wonder seniors and their family members are anxious; adverse drug events drive nearly 450,000 older adults to emergency rooms annually, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Fortunately, Hero has harnessed technology and innovation to provide […]

READ MORE Wellness Wellness Provides Smart Independent Senior Living

Who is was founded in 2000 and they provide whole home protection with their smart home security solution. They utilize authorized service providers to sell and install their products. claims to have millions of users nationwide and they were the first to launch a home security mobile app in 2007. Their Wellness […]