Apple Watch Series 7: Fall Detection and More

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Updated: June 13, 2022

The new Apple Watch Series 7 picks up where the Series 6 left off. Image credit: Apple

The new Apple Watch Series 7 launched in mid-October 2021 to much excitement. Thanks to the addition of fall detection in the Series 4 and other medical monitoring features the Apple Watch Series 6 improved upon, many people were looking to see what else could be added in the new series. The answer? Quite a bit.

Here is a quick overview of the Apple Watch Series 7 and how you might use it to enhance your own safety and health, or the safety and health of an aging loved one.

Easier to See and Work With

Perhaps one of the most exciting changes that come with the Apple Watch Series 7 is the larger display screen. While this might not seem life-changing at first, having a larger screen to see and tap goes a long way for adults who might have fine-motor challenges or low vision.

The new watch reduced the borders 40% which gives 20% more screen area than the Series 6 that came before it. In addition to the larger display, the apps have adapted to use up that extra space. This means that when you use the calculator or keyboard, you’ll have a larger space to tap which will lead to less frustration.

Apple Watch Series 7 and Medical Monitoring

The Series 7 allows for on demand recordings of blood oxygen levels. Image credit: Apple

The medical monitoring functions on the Apple Watch Series 7 pick up where the Series 6 left off. The current version allows users to take on-demand blood oxygen levels in addition to background readings at any time during the day or night. While the blood oxygen feature is certainly timely in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, knowing your overall blood oxygen level even when you feel good can help you understand your overall wellness.

But the health monitoring features don’t stop with oxygen levels. The Series 7 can also take an ECG at any time. Users can see the information for themselves to relax or share their readings with their physicians. The watch will also notify the user if there are any irregular heart rhythms recorded, helping the user know if they need to follow up with a physician.

Of course, the Series 7 also provides support and tracking for sleep. You can use the feature to document how you are sleeping as well as to create a bedtime routine that can increase quality and quantity of sleep. This can be especially helpful for older adults who can struggle with good sleep habits.

Apple Watch Series 7 and Fall Detection

Similar to Series 6, the Apple Watch Series 7 features fall detection technology that can recognize if the user has a fall. If it notices a potential fall, the watch alerts the user and asks if they need to call emergency services, which it can do right from the watch. The new Series 7 has some updates and optimizations to the fall detection algorithms, making it even more effective. It also can now notice falls during workouts, like a hike or a bike ride, which is a new improvement.

Swim-Proof and Durable

The Apple Watch Series 7 also took serious steps to make it even more durable for daily life. It’s now swim-proof, which means it can be used in the water up to 50 meters deep. This means that users can confidently swim in a pool or ocean without damaging their watch. For older adults, this means they don’t have to take it off for their lap swim, water aerobics class, or shower. Having a way to detect falls and call for help right from the shower in case of an emergency can save a life.

In addition to extended time in the water, users can also count on the watch to survive regular daily activity or accidents without serious damage. This Series is the most durable yet, which can provide older adults and their family members peace of mind.

Family Connections

Finally, just like the Series 6, the Series 7 features Family Setup, which means multiple watches can be paired with only one iPhone. While this is typically used for kids and parents, adult children can add their aging parents to their accounts in order to easily communicate via text or message without making their loved ones get an iPhone. It is just one more way the Apple Watch Series 7 is more user-friendly for people who might not consider themselves too tech-savvy.

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