How Does the Apple Watch Series 6 With Fall Detection Technology Compare?

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Updated: June 13, 2022


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Apple users always anticipate the next product release, and it is no wonder why. For the past decade, Apple has been at the forefront of innovation, making technology more accessible and helpful to everyone. In September 2020, users were delighted to see the Apple Watch Series 6 was available and even more advanced than most were expecting. From fall detection technology to EKG capabilities, the Apple Watch Series 6 could be your next best health investment. Read our Medical Guardian reviews to compare it with a traditional medical alert system.

Apple Watch and Fall Detection Technology

apple watch series 6

Fall detection technology and assistance is built into the Apple Watch Series 6.

Apple was one of the first companies whose primary customers are not older adults but to introduce fall detection technology. While wearable fall detection tech is not innovative, bringing it to a new audience via the Apple Watch was. Apple brought fall detection technology first in Series 4 and it has continued it through each following offering.

The Apple Watch Series 6 follows suit and has fall detection technology. This means that the watch has special sensors that can detect when there has been a sudden shift or fall. The watch then asks the user if they need to call emergency services. If the user does not respond in one minute, the device will call emergency services on behalf of the user.

Fall detection technology, including what Apple uses, is remarkably accurate and can literally save lives. In April 2020, an Apple Watch Called 911 when a man in Arizona fainted and collapsed while wearing his Apple Watch. The fall detection tech noticed the fall and when the man did not respond within one minute, his Apple Watch contacted emergency services, giving latitude and longitude coordinates, that helped first responders reach the man. First responders credited the technology for getting assistance to the man when he needed it most.

Apple Watch Series 6 and Your Health

Beyond detecting falls and calling emergency services if you need it, the Apple Watch Series 6 offers other technology to increase your health. Here are just a few of the new features that have everyone, from tech gurus to medical professionals, buzzing.

ECG (EKG) Monitoring

apple watch series 6

We love the band choices and face personalization available on the Apple Watch Series 6. Image credit: Apple

For people living with irregular heartbeats or other heart conditions, going to the emergency room or cardiologist to get an ECG can be time consuming and expensive. While the Apple Watch is definitely not a substitute for serious medical intervention, it does step in to provide users with the opportunity to get a quick check up that is similar to a single lead electrocardiogram. 

Users can touch the Digital Crown of their Apple Watch to initiate the 30 second ECG. Sensors built into the watch submit information to the ECG app. The app is then able to communicate to you if your heart rate is normal (sinus rhythm) or irregular (atrial fibrillation). You can use this information to document for your physician or to simply give yourself peace of mind.

Blood Oxygen Monitoring

The Apple Watch Series 6 offers a new way of peering inside the body to determine health metrics. Thanks to four LED clusters of light that illuminate blood vessels in your wrist and four photodiodes that measure the amount of light reflected back, your Apple Watch can tell you your blood oxygen level. Even more impressive, you can get readings on demand when you need them, as well as baseline levels that your watch takes during the day and nighttime.

Your blood oxygen levels are an excellent indicator of overall wellness. Levels can help your physician guide you to the right preventative measures or treatment protocol.

Better Sleep 

Finally, the Apple Watch Series 6 gives you the tools you need to understand your sleep patterns and adjust your habits accordingly. Your watch develops easy to understand reports that highlight your sleep patterns, including if your bedtime and wake times are consistent. It can also tell you when you are restless and when you are sleeping deeply.

Users can use this insight to develop a more consistent nighttime and morning routine that will maximize healthy sleep. Further, users can report sleep patterns to their physicians or mental health practitioners for appropriate follow up or guidance.

How Does the Apple Watch 6 Compare to Others?

When it comes to health monitoring, the Apple Watch Series 6 leads the field. Users are able to utilize fall detection technology, get on-demand blood oxygen levels, sleep better, and even get ECG’s when needed. But the watch doesn’t stop there; apps can track how often you are washing your hands and ensure better hand hygiene by counting down the recommended 20 seconds. Apps can remind you to take a deep breath and relax or to stand up and get moving. 

Even better, the Apple Watch 6 is easy to navigate for beginner and advanced Apple users. This makes it ideal for seniors who are curious about the technology and seeking a more trendy way to stay healthy while having help nearby.