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Medical Guardian MGMove

MGMove Wearable Medical Alert System Smartwatch

Medical alert devices have not always been stylish accessories. They have been functional, sure, but plastic pendants were not always the preference of the adults who needed them. Fortunately, medical alert companies have taken notice and made every effort to give users not only a reliable way to contact someone in case of an emergency, […]


How to Get Up After a Fall: A Guide for Seniors

If you have ever fallen before, you already know it is a scary and vulnerable situation to be in. For many older adults, falling can cause serious health consequences, both physically and emotionally. However, feeling prepared with what to do immediately after a fall can help older adults feel empowered and confident should they find […]


guide to preventing falls

Fall Prevention Guide: Comprehensive Fall Prevention & Prevention Guidelines

As we age, we become more vulnerable to certain medical conditions or crisis events. While you might think about conditions like arthritis or dementia, there is actually a more serious threat to older adults: falling. Seniors are at an increased risk to fall at home, and to suffer more severe consequences if they fall, than […]