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Our Mission
To provide our visitors clear, accurate, and easy to read information on medical alert monitoring systems so they can make fast and informed decisions for themselves or the ones they care about most.

We’ve been in the life-safety, electronic security, fire detection, access control, and video surveillance industry for over 20 years. Most of the time has been spent in product research, sales, and marketing, although we’ve been involved in all aspects of the business at one time or another. Our experience in the design and support of these systems gives us a unique perspective in not only system capabilities, but also the needs of you, the user.

The research done for this site has shown that it may be difficult to get all the facts needed to make an informed decision on such an important service. Sometimes just knowing what to ask can make all the difference. That’s what makes Medical Alert Advice different than other sites you may have come across.

We sincerely hope you find the reviews, company/product comparisons, and tips useful and would love to hear how this site may have helped you in your decision process.

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