LifeStation’s New Sidekick Mobile Alert and Sidekick Smart Smartwatch

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LifeStation’s Sidekick Smart is a watch that offers emergency response as well as tracking steps and heart rate.

When it comes to medical alert technology, today’s adults have options. Thanks to a technology boom and more companies catering to older adults, if you are searching for an alert device that suits your budget and lifestyle, you are likely to find at least a few options to choose from. LifeStation, a family-owned company with more than 40 years of innovation and medical alert monitoring experience, might have just what you are looking for. If you’ve read our LifeStation reviews, you will have seen their new product offering. Let’s learn more about LifeStation and its two new products: the Sidekick Mobile Medical Alert and the Sidekick Smart Wearable Medical Alert.

More About LifeStation

According to their website, LifeStation’s mission is to empower the lives of seniors, and their caregivers, through medical alert and connected health solutions. They have been privately owned for more than 40 years, striving to give adults and their loved ones access to technology that will keep them safer and feel more empowered.

In addition to these two products, LifeStation also offers the ability to instantly locate a loved one with a quick text message to LifeStation Alert. The Find My Loved One option allows caregivers to send a quick text to see their location, as long as the senior is wearing their mobile medical alert button. LifeStation also integrates with any Alexa device, whether it is an Echo or via the Alexa app on a smartphone, so that caregivers can track their loved one’s location in real-time.

LifeStation also offers 24/7 emergency assistance via their award-winning monitoring specialists who are all based in the United States. Their monitoring centers are located in New Jersey and Texas and are TMA 5-Diamond Certified. Further, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Sidekick Mobile Medical Alert

The easy-to-use Sidekick pendant is small but effective. Image via LifeStation.

The Sidekick is a mobile medical alert pendant that is small, lightweight, and easy to operate. Like many pendants on the market, the Sidekick is water-resistant and can be worn in the shower. It also features fall detection technology, which means if the pendant’s fall detection sensor is triggered by a potential fall, a specialist at the monitoring center will contact the user right away to see if they require emergency assistance.

The pendant also uses the AT&T 4G LTE network and features GPS and WiFi so that the user can be located by a loved one or monitoring center specialist as needed. Perhaps best of all, the pendant is easy to operate. There is a help, or SOS, button that is easy to push and it features three lights on the side to let the user know if it is working properly, needs to be charged, or if location monitoring is available. The pendant and services start at less than $40 per month.

Sidekick Smart Wearable Medical Alert

For the adult who wants to skip the pendant but still wants the alert capabilities, the Sidekick Smart could be the solution. This wearable medical alert smartwatch does more than just contact emergency assistance. It also tracks daily steps and monitors heart rate.

The watch itself is stylish with a simple black band and a square face. To call emergency services, the user simply needs to push a button on the side of the watch and speak into the watch to ask for assistance. Another button can toggle between the heart rate monitor and pedometer features. Similar to the Sidekick pendant, the Sidekick Smart is water-resistant and can go into the shower safely but should not be worn in a pool or anywhere it would be submerged. For best results, the Sidekick Smart should be charged daily. The Sidekick Smart watch and services begin at less than $45 per month.

Choosing a Medical Alert Device 

LifeStation products might fit into your budget and lifestyle, but if you aren’t quite sure if it is the best choice for you, you can make a more confident decision by considering a few of these questions:

  • What types of services do I want or need from my medical alert device?
  • How important is style and wearability to me when it comes to my medical alert device?
  • Do I need or want my family members to be able to contact me or find my location if they are worried or want to check in?
  • Will I wear a pendant, bracelet, or watch? Which one am I more likely to put on every day?
  • How often will I remember to charge my device? Do I need a device with a longer battery life or am I in the habit of charging a device daily?
  • Have I read the reviews of the LifeStation products as well as their competitors?
  • Can I comfortably fit the costs of the product and services into my monthly budget?
  • Have I taken time to compare LifeStation to other products on the market to find the best fit?

You can also take advantage of our 3-part medical alert system buyer’s guide. This free resource walks you through everything you need to know as you research, buy, and set up your medical alert system.

Good luck as you find the system that is your best solution.