Celebrating Mother’s Day with an Aging Parent

Advice For Caregivers

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Updated: May 23, 2023


care for your aging mother

Don’t forget mom on Mother’s Day. Do something special together.

Mother’s Day is celebrated in the United States on the second Sunday of May each year.  It is a non-religious holiday meant to celebrate mothers, as well as anyone with whom you have experienced a maternal bond.  If your mother is aging, and particularly if she has any physical or mental limitations, you may be wondering what the most appropriate way to celebrate the holiday would be.

If your mother is up for going out, there are lots of wonderful ways you can spend a fine spring day in May.  You could go to a nice brunch, followed by a trip to a park or a favorite museum.  Since this day is all about your mother, let her interests guide you in your plans.  For example, if she loves Mexican food but you hate it, Mother’s Day would definitely be the day to take her to the popular new Mexican restaurant you’ve been hearing so much about.  If you mother lives in a nursing home, she may want nothing more than to just spend some time at your house with your family.  Whatever you have in mind, try to stay flexible and not pack the day too tightly with activities so your mother does not become overly tired.

If your mother lives in a nursing home and has special needs which require she must stay in place, there are still some ways to make her day more lively and enjoyable with your visit.  For example, you can bring some old family photo albums and spend time reminiscing about happy times in your childhood.  If you have siblings, you can try to make arrangements so that all of you are visiting at once.  You can also bring plants, balloons, and/or other decorations to brighten up your mother’s room.

In terms of gifts, an Amazon Kindle, iPad, or other tablet computer is excellent if your mother is internet savvy.  Tablets are a light and portable way to keep in touch with family members and friends, and they carry the added bonus of print enlargement if needed.  Otherwise, it is often the little things that let your mother know you care that will make her happy.  Spoil her with a spa gift certificate for a manicure or pedicure, or pay for an appointment at her favorite hair salon.  Buy her a bottle of her favorite scented lotion or perfume, or bring her some of her favorite tea and snacks to let her know she is loved and appreciated.