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medical alert bracelet

Medical Alert ID Bracelet Guide

If you have a chronic health condition, take medication on a rigorous schedule, or if you just need peace of mind that first responders can contact your loved ones in case of emergency, a medical alert bracelet is a perfect solution. Whether you are beginning your search for a medical ID bracelet or if you […]


winter safety for seniors

Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

The winter season can be especially dangerous for older adults. Between the snow and ice, chilly temperatures, and the social isolation, it is no wonder why many seniors end up in emergency rooms or their doctor’s office more often in the winter months. Fortunately, you can combat the challenges of winter with just a few […]


What to consider when buying a medical alert system

Consider This Before Buying a Medical Alert System

Are you curious if a medical alert system would be the best solution for yourself or for your senior loved one? Fortunately, medical alert systems with fall detection are an excellent option for many situations, as it provides a resource that supports health and wellness at home and on the go. Older adults can benefit […]


medical alert systems

Risks and Limitations of Medical Alert Systems

Today’s older adults have a variety of resources to keep them feeling safe and healthy while living at home. Medical alert devices with fall detection, for example, are quite popular among active adults and seniors. These systems, along with fall alert devices or pendants, offer peace of mind knowing that assistance is never far away. […]


deceased parents debt

Are You Liable for Your Deceased Parents’ Debt?

When your loved one passes away, you are thrown into making many decisions and finishing up a variety of tasks to take care of their estate. It’s an overwhelming and emotional time that can often lead to confusion and family stress. For many children, they begin worrying about who is responsible for any debt from […]


walkers for seniors

Walkers for Seniors: Benefits and How to Choose Your Best Option

Approximately 12% of older adults use walkers during everyday activities around the home and while out and about. However, seniors can seriously struggle with finding the right walker for their specific needs and lifestyle. Without the right walker, older adults can increase their risk of falling as well as decrease the activities they enjoyed in […]


AARP discounts

AARP Discounts You Should Know About

  In 1947, Ethel Percy Andrus founded the National Retired Teachers Foundation. She hoped the foundation would encourage others to pursue healthy aging habits, as well as find ways to leverage her group to get better health insurance coverage for retired teachers. Just ten years after it was founded, the National Retired Teachers Foundation decided […]


Lifeline Program

The Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, started a program in 1985 that would offer assistance to low-income households when it came to telephone services. As technology has grown, the Lifeline Program has also evolved. If you’ve ever been curious about the Lifeline Program and wondered if it could benefit you or your senior loved one, […]


How Seniors Can Stay Physically and Mentally Healthy While COVID-19 Has Them Stuck at Home

Since the coronavirus pandemic reached American shores in early 2020, daily life has changed for everyone. However, older adults and other vulnerable populations have been acutely impacted, leaving most of them to decrease social circles and opt for staying home more often in order to stay safe. Because older adults often have complex underlying medical […]


how to choose a hearing aid

How to Choose a Hearing Aid

  The prevalence of hearing loss increases with age. However, even though many older adults over the age of 65 would benefit from a hearing aid, most do not use one for a variety of reasons, ranging from pride to cost. If you are wondering how to choose a hearing aid for yourself or for […]


gun ownership for seniors

Gun Ownership & Safety Tips for Seniors

The Pew Research Center reports that just over 40% of adults report there is a gun in their household. While the majority of gun owners are white men, the typical demographics of gun owners are changing. For example, when it comes to gun ownership for seniors, owning a firearm is becoming even more common than […]


apple watch series 6

How Does the Apple Watch Series 6 With Fall Detection Technology Compare?

Apple users always anticipate the next product release, and it is no wonder why. For the past decade, Apple has been at the forefront of innovation, making technology more accessible and helpful to everyone. In September 2020, users were delighted to see the Apple Watch Series 6 was available and even more advanced than most […]