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LifeStation’s New Sidekick Mobile Alert and Sidekick Smart Smartwatch

When it comes to medical alert technology, today’s adults have options. Thanks to a technology boom and more companies catering to older adults, if you are searching for an alert device that suits your budget and lifestyle, you are likely to find at least a few options to choose from. LifeStation, a family-owned company with […]


The Best Personal Safety Devices, Apps and Alarms for 2022

No matter your age, staying healthy and safe is a priority. However, as we get older, that extra peace of mind that comes with knowing help is always nearby is even more crucial. Thankfully, technology has given older adults and their loved ones solutions to common issues ranging from emergency response to locating someone to […]


Woman in Yellow Shirt Wearing an Active Guardian Medical Alert

How Wearable Technology Is Improving the Life of Seniors

When it comes to finding new ways to keep older adults safer and more engaged at home, companies are always looking for new technology to aid in the task. Thanks to advances in the past few decades, older adults can now receive instant support from trained professionals if they are lost, if they fall, or […]


Alexa Together: A New Solution for Family Caregivers

Video via: Alexa Together   With most family homes already equipped with an Alexa device or the app, it was just a matter of time before Amazon found a way to use technology to help family caregivers and their older loved ones. Thanks to a new program called Alexa Together, family caregivers can easily check […]


Wearable Tech Trends for Caregivers

When you think of wearable medical devices, you might think that these watches, pendants, or rings aren’t for you. However, more and more caregivers, both professional and family, are using wearable medical devices to help them take better care of themselves and their patients. We’ve pulled together a list of the latest tech trends that […]


Medical Device Trends for 2022

The marketplace has transformed over the past few years, adjusting and adapting to life during a global pandemic. For those in the healthcare industry, businesses have had to find new ways to reach and serve patients as well. As we look to 2022, what can we expect from the medical device industry as it aims […]


Apple Watch Series 7: Fall Detection and More

The new Apple Watch Series 7 launched in mid-October 2021 to much excitement. Thanks to the addition of fall detection in the Series 4 and other medical monitoring features the Apple Watch Series 6 improved upon, many people were looking to see what else could be added in the new series. The answer? Quite a […]


The Future of Medical Wearables: 2022 and Beyond

Today, technology has fully invaded the healthcare space. While technology was always a part of the healthcare experience, only recently have we seen the innovation spread beyond diagnostic devices in hospitals or electronic medical records in physician offices. Today, you can find diagnostic devices on the wrists or fingers of people at your work, on […]


Methodology for Cost Comparison: How to Compare Brands and Prices

No matter if you are purchasing something online or through a brick-and-mortar store, you can get the most for your money by knowing how to compare brands and prices effectively. While cost comparison can be handy for major purchases, you can also use it for items with a smaller price tag. Here’s what you need […]



goVia – Black and Decker Health Enters the Medical Alert Space

As the Boomer generation continues to age, and as other generations begin to explore what it will be like to retire safely without compromising activity, the medical alert device industry has exploded. Having many options is always a good thing, which makes Black and Decker Health’s new goVia line even more interesting for aging adults. […]


Lively Formally GreatCall – What You Need to Know

It can be hard to keep up with business mergers and name changes, especially in the medical alert system industry. Recently, GreatCall changed its name to Lively. While the devices and services remain similar, it is wise to brush up on your Lively knowledge. Even if you don’t currently have a Lively product, you can […]


Home Maintenance and Safety

August Home Maintenance and Safety Checklist

While it is still summertime across the country, August is actually an ideal time to begin preparing your home for the fall months. The weather is still nice enough to get outside to do inspections or maintenance, and you still have plenty of time to schedule any assistance from outside vendors before the full force […]