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online exercise programs for seniors

Best Online Exercise Programs for Seniors

It’s never too late to begin healthy habits, including exercise. In fact, the benefits of exercise for older adults occur even with moderate movement goals. No matter if you are a beginner or if you are looking to supplement your routine while staying socially distant from the gym, online workouts can be the perfect solution. […]


10 Best Emergency Alert Apps

When you see dark clouds approaching, or hear on the radio that your area is at risk for a tornado, where can you turn for more reliable information? While local and national news sources are excellent first stops to learn more about current and potential emergency situations, it is wise to also have other resources […]


Alert and Warning Systems

When there is an emergency, whether local or national, do you know how to get the information you need to stay safe? For most of us, weather emergencies and other types of emergency situations are rare occurrences. Having fewer emergency situations is a blessing, certainly, but it also can mean most of us are out […]


60uP Balance Board

Balance Boards for Seniors: Can They Reduce Fall Risk?

Although older adults are at an increased risk of falling, ending up in the emergency room does not have to be inevitable as you age. While certain medical conditions and chronic issues can certainly increase risk factors associated with falling, adapting the right habits into your lifestyle can decrease your chances of falling. One unique […]


Aloe Care Health – More Than Just Another Medical Alert

  Technology and innovation have truly changed the senior care industry over the past decade. Many newcomers to the scene, like the leaders at Aloe Care Health, are caring for aging loved ones themselves, giving them a glimpse into their target market’s needs and challenges. Recently, we had the opportunity to chat with Ray Spolijaric, […]


guide to preventing falls

A Guide to Preventing Falls

As we age, we become more vulnerable to certain medical conditions or crisis events. While you might think about conditions like arthritis or dementia, there is actually a more serious threat to older adults: falling. Seniors are at an increased risk to fall at home, and to suffer more severe consequences if they fall, than […]


Zumba benefits for seniorss

Surprising Benefits of Zumba for Elderly People

Have you experienced a group fitness class that is fun, social, and helps you break a sweat? If you are searching for your next fitness obsession, Zumba might just be it. Don’t worry if you feel like you might not be in the age demographic or have the right fitness level. Zumba is perhaps one […]


medical alert bracelet

Medical Alert ID Bracelet Guide

If you have a chronic health condition, take medication on a rigorous schedule, or if you just need peace of mind that first responders can contact your loved ones in case of emergency, a medical alert bracelet is a perfect solution. Whether you are beginning your search for a medical ID bracelet or if you […]


winter safety for seniors

Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

The winter season can be especially dangerous for older adults. Between the snow and ice, chilly temperatures, and the social isolation, it is no wonder why many seniors end up in emergency rooms or their doctor’s office more often in the winter months. Fortunately, you can combat the challenges of winter with just a few […]


What to consider when buying a medical alert system

Consider This Before Buying a Medical Alert System

Are you curious if a medical alert system would be the best solution for yourself or for your senior loved one? Fortunately, medical alert systems with fall detection are an excellent option for many situations, as it provides a resource that supports health and wellness at home and on the go. Older adults can benefit […]


medical alert systems

Risks and Limitations of Medical Alert Systems

Today’s older adults have a variety of resources to keep them feeling safe and healthy while living at home. Medical alert devices with fall detection, for example, are quite popular among active adults and seniors. These systems, along with fall alert devices or pendants, offer peace of mind knowing that assistance is never far away. […]


deceased parents debt

Are You Liable for Your Deceased Parents’ Debt?

When your loved one passes away, you are thrown into making many decisions and finishing up a variety of tasks to take care of their estate. It’s an overwhelming and emotional time that can often lead to confusion and family stress. For many children, they begin worrying about who is responsible for any debt from […]