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Who is Aloe Care Health? 

Aloe Care Health is new to the medical alert monitoring market but that doesn’t mean they don’t come without experience. Seventy percent of the team at Aloe Care are caregivers. This gives them an advantage of knowing what the market was lacking and how they can come in and fill in the gaps. Aloe Care Health claims to have created “the world’s first comprehensive solution to address the critical voids in supporting independent older adults.” Aloe Care has a board of health advisors as well as a board of technology advisors. Aloe Care Health is headquartered in New York, NY.  

Review Summary

The Aloe Care hub works like a speaker phone. Simply plug it in and use your voice to initiate two-way conversations with your family, or their medical alert monitoring call center if you need help. The built-in sensors monitor air quality, temperature and motion, giving you complete peace of mind that your aging loved one is safe. The Aloe Care Health system includes a wearable medical alert button that you can press to get help anytime. If you need extra protection, you can add more smart sensors to different areas of your home, including one that detects falls.

The Aloe Care Health family app ties all the technology together. Your loved ones can see alerts such as movement inside the home and caregiver check-ins. Caregivers can easily drop in their voice to the hub to give reminders. When emergency help is needed, Aloe Care Health will dispatch help immediately and also notify loved ones. The Smart Hub is equipped with an AT&T 4G LTE card, so WiFi is not necessary. If you were to choose the Aloe Care Health Total Care bundle that includes their Smart Fall Sensor, WiFi would be necessary for that device specifically.

Here are the components that make up Aloe Care Health’s system:

Hub: This is a voice activated medical alert base station for the system that connects directly to the emergency response center, when needed. You can press your button within 200 ft of the hub to connect or you can utilize voice activation by saying the word “Emergency” until you hear the chime alert.

App: Stay connected with your loved ones and caregivers through Aloe Care’s medical alert monitoring app that updates you on all you need to know as well as gives you the ability to make App-to-Hub calls.

Mobile Companion: This wearable mobile help button gives you help inside and outside of your home. The 4G LTE device comes with GPS and includes automatic fall detection. It is connected with your Family App so caregivers will be updated with your location and wellbeing.

Smart Fall SensorIf you choose the Total Care package you will receive a Smart Fall Sensor for your home. It does not require a wearable device to sense falls. Since the majority of falls occur in the bathroom, Aloe Care Health suggests placing the device in the bathroom most used by your loved one. The Smart Fall senior creates a 3D map of the room it is in. You will calibrate the sensor with voice prompts during set-up. Once the 3D map is established, it can tell if the person in the room is sitting, standing or laying down. If it detects someone has been laying down for 1-2 minutes, it will send a voice prompt asking the user to stand. If it does not sense them standing up after one minute, a call will be made to emergency response team at the monitoring center unless cancelled.

There are four system packages that Aloe Care Health offers:

Mobile Companion: This package includes a modern-wearable GPS enabled LTE device that you can use anywhere. It includes 2-way communication with the monitoring center and automatic fall detection too. If you're an active senior, this may be for you. 

This package comes with one Smart Hub and one Care Button. This includes the built-in motion, temperature and air sensors as well as the Family App. The system even includes a motion activated nightlight.

Essentials Plus: This package comes with one Smart Hub, one Care Button and the Mobile Companion for on-the-go medical alert coverage. This includes everything the essentials package has, in addition to the Mobile Companion with wearable fall detection.

Total Care: Includes everything in the Essentials Plus package plus the Smart Fall Sensor for automatic fall detection and 2 motion sensors. Please note, the Smart Fall Sensor requires WiFi set-up by the caregiver.


No landline needed, no long-term contracts, 30-day money back guarantee, 24-hour emergency support, advanced activity monitoring system, affordable monthly costs, free shipping, temperature monitoring, air quality monitoring that measures VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) and CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) levels in the home, fall detection and a TMA Five Diamond monitoring center staffed with medically trained personnel. This high tech system come with a free Family smartphone App. 


No pill reminder, carbon monoxide (CO) or smoke detection options. No advanced payment discounts. Equipment fees to get started and long shipping times.

Rating: 4


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Limited-Time  Introductory Offer + Free Shipping

  • No Contract - Cancel Anytime!
  • Voice-Activated Hands-Free Technology
  • Free Lockbox With Every Order!
  • Automatic Fall & Motion Detection
  • Collaborative Care App
  • Two-Way Voice Communication
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee - Try Risk-Free!


Compare Device Features:

Pros & Cons To Consider

Aloe Care Health Logo How did Aloe Care Health do?
Aloe Care Health Review

Cost for Equipment

Equipment fees start at $149.99

Cost Per Month

Cost per month starts at $29.99 

Advance Payment Discounts


Monitoring Agreement Term

No contracts. Can cancel anytime.

Repairs or Replacement Charges

Replacement devices can be purchased separately, but the cost is dependent upon the device. 
Cancellation Policy & Discounts
Aloe Care Health Review

Cancel at Any Time


Senior Discount


Other Discounts

Aloe Care Health Review

Approximate Button Range in Typical Home

The Care button has a range of 200 ft from the hub. It is not meant to worn outside of the home.

Watch/Button Battery Life

Mobile Companion provides up to five days of battery life from a single charge. 

What Happens if I Lose Power

System has back-up battery power and lasts between 4-6 hours. 

Is the Watch/Button Waterproof

It is water resistant. 

How Can The Button Be Worn

Pendant or wrist. 

UL Certified Equipment


Does The System Automatically Test Itself To The Monitoring Center

No, but you can test the system at anytime. 

24 Hour Technical & Customer Support

Customer Support Hours (EST):

8:30AM - 7:00PM (Mon-Tue-Wed)
8:30AM - 8:00PM (Thurs-Fri)
9:00AM - 5:00PM (Sat)
10:00AM - 4:00PM (Sun)

24-hour emergency support is available.
Monitoring Station
Aloe Care Health Review

TMA Five Diamond Certified Monitoring Center


Typical Response Time When Button Pressed

Approximately 30-45 seconds
Other Options & Information
Aloe Care Health Review

How Fast Does System Ship

Ships within 7-10 business days.

Do You Need Separate Systems For Mom & Dad

There is no additional cost per month to add a second pendant. Both users would be able to use the system however, only one user profile can be created. An additional pendant is $16.99.
Optional Advanced Features
Aloe Care Health Review

Activity or Inactivity Monitoring


Senior Fall Detection


Cellular or No Phone Line


Non-GPS Mobile Alert System For Protection On The Go


Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Protection


GPS Medical Alert Tracking System

Special Offers
Aloe Care Health Review

Special Offers For Our Visitors

DISCLOSURE: We may receive referral fees from this company for purchases or inquiries made by you. Thanks to your support, we can maintain the website & offer you special discounts, at no cost to you.


Limited-Time  Introductory Offer + Free Shipping

  • No Contract - Cancel Anytime!
  • Voice-Activated Hands-Free Technology
  • Free Lockbox With Every Order!
  • Automatic Fall & Motion Detection
  • Collaborative Care App
  • Two-Way Voice Communication
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee - Try Risk-Free!

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Monthly Costs & Fees

Aloe Care has different packages depending on your needs and the coverage needed in your home. Their monthly fees are competitive for the medical alert market but please note that they do charge a one-time equipment fee. Shipping on all systems is free.

The cost per month fees below are limited time specials that Aloe Care Health is currently offering. They are normally $10.00 per month higher than what is shown below.

Aloe Care System Cost Per Month Equipment Fee Shipping
Mobile Companion $24.99 $99.99 $0.00
Essentials $29.99 $149.99 $0.00
Essentials Plus $39.99 $249.99 $0.00
Total Care $49.99 $299.99 $0.00



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What We Like About Aloe Care Health

Reasonable Service Rates – Aloe Care has competitive rates especially for all it includes, such as activity monitoring, fall detection and their Family App.

Cancel at Any Time Policy - No long-term medical alert monitoring contracts. If you are not happy with your emergency alert system or service, you can cancel anytime. They also have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Activity Monitoring - Activity monitoring can be extremely useful if you are worried about your loved one having an active lifestyle or just need to monitor their day-to-day actions. Aloe Care Health's sensors detect motion in the home and you can monitor them with the Family App.

24-Hour Support - Emergency only support is available 24 hours per day.

No Landline or WiFi Required – Aloe Care Health gives options if you do not have WiFi in your home and it also does not require a landline.

Good Battery Life – Aloe Care’s Mobile Companion has a 5-day battery life from one charge, which can be very helpful if your aging loved ones forgets to charge it daily.

Fall Detector Option – The Total Care package comes with a non-wearable Smart Fall Sensor for the bathroom which uses industry leading-edge technology and the Mobile Companion which is a wearable fall detection device. Many seniors, including diabetics, have tendencies to faint and since falls are so common among seniors, having automatic fall detection built-in can be life-saving. Monitoring fall trends can give family members better information to relay to their loved one’s physicians too.

TMA 5-Diamond Monitoring Center - Their monitoring center is UL Listed as well as TMA Five Diamond Certified. This means that their reps go through more rigorous testing and are spot checked for their level of service. It also means that the monitoring center maintains required back-up power systems, redundant monitoring equipment, and communication channels.

Home HVAC Temperature Checks - Aloe Care Heath has built in sensors that detect the temperature in the home and can alert you of unsafe temperature levels.

Live Chat Feature - Aloe Care has a clear and informative website that includes a handy live chat feature.

What We Dislike About Aloe Care Health

No Pill Reminder Option - Having the system remind you of when to take medication is a nice feature, although not required by all. Many of these services have the main unit console provide some sort of beep reminder on regular interval to remind you of when to take your medication. The downside to this medical monitoring option is that it will not tell you what or how much medication to take.

No Carbon Monoxide or Smoke Detector Options - Although this is not an essential feature for a medical monitoring company to offer, all seniors should have these items installed in their home. However, Aloe Care Health does offer VOC and Carbon dioxide level checks.

Short In-Home Button Range: The in-home pendant works up to 200 ft from the hub which means you cannot wear it outside in the garden or porch. Competitors on the market have a much longer range.

No Advanced Payment Discounts: Advanced payment discounts can help make medical monitoring services more affordable.

Does Not Offer Multiple Profiles For Spouses: Although you can get a second alert button for a spouse who lives in the same home, they currently cannot set-up a separate profile with specific information on each user.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Aloe Care Health covered by Medicare?
It’s common for older adults and their loved ones to search for what's exactly covered through Medicare. Currently, Medicare (parts A and B) do not reimburse for expenses related to medical alert devices, including Aloe Care Health. Some Medicare Advantage benefits could offset expenses from medical alert systems, but you would have to check with your plan administrator.

Can I use Aloe Care Health if I don’t have a landline?
Aloe Care Health does not require a landline in the home to utilize their system.

Can my spouse also use Aloe Care Health systems and devices?
Yes, there is no additional monthly charge for your spouse to use the Aloe Care system. There is a one-time charge for the additional pendant.

How much is Aloe Care Health per month?
Aloe Care’s Essential package starts at $29.99 per month.

Does Aloe Care Health have automatic Fall Detection?
Yes. With Aloe Care’s Total Package you will receive a Smart Fall Sensor for the home and the Mobile Companion, which includes wearable automatic fall detection.

What People Are Saying About Aloe Care Health

Aloe Care is a relative newcomer to the medical alert market and there are currently not many user reviews of their system. We did find all positive reviews of Aloe Care on Amazon with users happy with the ease of using the Family App to check-in on their loved ones as well as the additional monitoring the system provides such as temperature checks and movement (activity) monitoring. Aloe Care Health has a few quotes from users on their website that include an older adult who is happy to not have to wear the pendant all the time at home. We will update our review when more feedback has been found.

Aloe Care Health is not accredited or rated with the Better Business Bureau.

Bottom Line

Aloe Care Health is more than just a medical alert monitoring system, it is a total remote caregiving system with up-to-date hands-free technology. We appreciate this newcomer to the medical alert market for their new Smart Fall Sensor technology that uses 3D maps to detect falls within a room and their easy-to-use voice-activated in the home system.

Aloe Care Health has a very user-friendly website with tons of information and a live chat feature. We did however have a frustrating call experience with their customer service center. After placing 4 phone calls on different days and at different times, we kept receiving Aloe Care’s voicemail. We finally left a message on one of those call attempts and as of this writing we have not received a call back. We did reach out to their management team and were assured that they would look into the reason we did not hear back. We had a great experience though getting additional information through their website’s chat feature. They are quick to respond and very knowledgeable. Maybe Aloe Care Health needs to hire more customer service reps to handle their call volume, we're not sure. This may be a growing pain of a new company that has seen nearly a 7000% growth in six months.  

Their competitive monthly fees include services such as the Family App and activity monitoring using motion sensors which usually is an add-on cost for other medical alert companies. Their Mobile Companion is a great on-the-go GPS option and it comes with fall detection built-in. We also are happy with the fact that Aloe Care uses a TMA Five Diamond Certified monitoring center which offers a high level of service and training for their monitoring center employees. Although they do not monitor smoke detection or carbon monoxide, their sensors do check temperature levels in the home as well as air quality (CO2 and VOC).  

Since there are no-long term contracts, affordable monthly options and a 30-day money back guarantee, we feel this is a great company to give a try if you are in need of more than just basic medical alert monitoring.

DISCLOSURE: We may receive referral fees from this company for purchases or inquiries made by you. Thanks to your support, we can maintain the website & offer you special discounts, at no cost to you.


Limited-Time  Introductory Offer + Free Shipping

  • No Contract - Cancel Anytime!
  • Voice-Activated Hands-Free Technology
  • Free Lockbox With Every Order!
  • Automatic Fall & Motion Detection
  • Collaborative Care App
  • Two-Way Voice Communication
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee - Try Risk-Free!


Although our experience with this company had these results, your experience may be different. If you're interested in this company's services, contact them to judge for yourself.

Modified: 2021-06-15