Alert1 Medical Alarm Review

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Who is Alert1 Medical Alarm? 

Alert1 has been in the medical monitoring business for more than 30 years. AlertOne Services is headquartered in Williamsport, PA and has members in all 50 states nationwide. Alert1’s working environment is Thayer Certified, meaning they undergo annual inspections to make sure they provide fair and safe working conditions and pay living wages to all employees. All of their services are US-based so they will not outsource calls to another country. 


Review Summary

Alert1 has a straightforward website that is easy to navigate. Although they do not operate their own monitoring center, the service they do use has multiple dispatch centers and are TMA (CSAA) 5 Diamond Certified and can support customers in 190 languages. 

Alert1 has a number of medical alert device offerings including automatic fall detection and they do not require long-term contracts. Although they do not offer activity monitoring, they do offer add-on options such as smoke detection and medication reminders. 

The Alert1 medical alert systems do fall short on not offering activity detection as an option, and we also prefer companies that monitor their own accounts. They do have an automatic fall detection feature which can bring additional peace of mind for those who are at risk for fainting and falling.

There are five medical alert device system options that Alert1 offers:

1. Home Medical Alert: In-home traditional medical alert system that uses a landline, VOIP or DSL. Simply press the medical alert pendant and you can tell the operator who you'd like to be called first, including emergency services, a family member and so on. 

2. Home Fall Detection: In-home system with fall detection that does not require the use of a landline. It offers the same features as the traditional medical alert system, with the inclusion of automatic fall detection. 

3. On-the-Go Mobile Medical Alert (Kelsi Unit): On the go coverage using a cellular network (either T-Mobile or AT&T networks). Take your medical alert with you wherever you go. 

4. On-the-Go Mobile Fall Detection (Kelsi Pro): On the go coverage using GPS and a cellular network. Automatically detects falls inside and outside of the home and calls for help. 

5. Mobile On-the-Go + Home Fall Detection (PAX Plus): No landline required. 2-in-1 mobile on-the-go medical alert system and in-home unit.


Multilingual support for 190 languages at the call center, call center is US based and TMA (CSAA) Five Diamond certified, automatic monthly tests, discounts for advance annual payments, long-range button, optional medication reminder, optional monitored smoke detector, auto fall detection, no long-term contracts, mobile medical alert and fall detector options are available.


Alert1 systems does not own their own monitoring center, no activity monitoring, no refunds after 30 days which includes advance payments, no monthly billing option, and returns require you to pay return shipping costs.

Rating: 3.5

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Pros & Cons To Consider

How did Alert1 Medical Alarm do?
Alert1 Medical Alarm Review

Cost for Equipment

Free self-installation. 

Cost Per Month

Starting at $25.95/month for their Home Medical Alert when billed quarterly.

Advance Payment Discounts

Yes, discounts available for paying semi-annually or annually. 

Monitoring Agreement Term

Can cancel at any time. Once they receive equipment back you will get a full refund only if returned within 30 days and you subscribed to an annual plan. No Refunds after 30 days which includes any advance payments. All return shipping costs are at your expense.

Repairs or Replacement Charges

You are liable for any damages or lost equipment. For all the mobile units, the unit's replacement value is $500.00. The base units for the home systems are replaceable for $500.00 as well. The buttons for use with the home units are $59.95 to replace.

They offer the Alert1 Warranty Advantage Plan that will replace your base unit free of charge if your system malfunctions. The cost is $108.00 per year. 

Cancellation Policy & Discounts
Alert1 Medical Alarm Review

Cancel at Any Time

Yes - Full refunds (less any previously paid shipping fees) are given within 30 days if you are an annual subscriber and no refunds after 30 days. You also pay return shipping.

Senior Discount

AARP Discount

Other Discounts

AAA Discount, Veteran and 
Refer-a-Friend (receive one month free). 
Alert1 Medical Alarm Review

Approximate Button Range in Typical Home

600 Ft. radius (400' radius for the fall detection unit) from the base station. 

Watch/Button Battery Life

Typical 2-3 years, but may last up to 5 years. They will do monthly battery tests and send you a new one automatically if the battery dies. 

What Happens if I Lose Power

24- hours of battery backup

Is the Watch/Button Waterproof


How Can The Button Be Worn

Neck, wrist or belt clip - you must choose when ordering

UL Certified Equipment


Does The System Automatically Test Itself To The Monitoring Center

Yes, every 28 days. It is suggested that you test the unit yourself monthly.

24 Hour Technical & Customer Support

Hours for Main Office:
Mon - Fri: 9:00am - 6:00pm Eastern
Monitoring Station
Alert1 Medical Alarm Review

TMA (CSAA) Five Diamond Certified Monitoring Center

Yes, BUT they do not own or operate their monitoring center, although the service they contract is TMA (CSAA) Five Diamond Certified.

Typical Response Time When Button Pressed

Alert1 response time is 20-45 seconds
Other Options & Information
Alert1 Medical Alarm Review

How Fast Does System Ship

Orders received by 4:00PM EST (M-F) are shipped the same day

Do You Need Separate Systems For Mom & Dad

No, but you must purchase a button for a second user. You must also pay and additional 50% of service price for an additional user.
Optional Advanced Features
Alert1 Medical Alarm Review

Activity or Inactivity Monitoring


Senior Fall Detection


Cellular or No Phone Line

Yes, with the Kelsi, Kelsi Plus or PAX Plus

Non-GPS Mobile Alert System For Protection On The Go

Yes, with their Kelsi system

Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Protection

Yes, smoke detectors are $10/month for each detector but no carbon monoxide options.

GPS Medical Alert Tracking System

Special Offers
Alert1 Medical Alarm Review

Special Offers For Our Visitors

None at this time

Monthly Costs and Fees

Alert1 is a reasonable, cost effective medical alert monitoring choice, however they do not offer a monthly payment option. You can pay quarterly, semi-annual or annually. You will receive a higher discount the longer in advance you pay. There are no shipping or activation fees. You can cancel anytime and will not be charged a cancellation fee. However, if you would like a refund for annual or semi-annual payments (only available during the 30-day trial period), you will have to place a test call to their command center to ensure the system is working properly and return the medical alert device within 30 days of purchase. 
Alert1  Cost Per Month If Paying Quarterly Cost Per Month if Paying Semi-Annually Cost Per Month if Paying Annually
Home Medical Alert $25.95 $22.95 $19.95
Home Fall Detection $36.95 $33.95 $30.95
On-the-Go Mobile Medical Alert $36.95 $33.95 $30.95
On-the-Go Mobile Fall Detection $47.95 $44.95 $41.95
Mobile On-the-Go + Home Fall Detection $58.95 $55.95 $52.95

What We Like About Alert1 

30-Day Trial Period & Cancel Anytime - You can cancel at any time, but they must receive the equipment for the cancellation to take effect. You also pay for the returning of the equipment and do not get a refund of any pre-paid service if you terminate after 30 days.

Automatic Monthly Tests - System's console will automatically test monthly (every 28 days) to the monitoring station. Some companies offer the preferred weekly test, but others offer no automatic testing at all.

Discounts For Advanced Payments - Annual and semi-annual payment options are available with a discount, but no refunds on prepayments if you decide to terminate after 30 days.

Long-Range Button - We were told that the button range is 600' which should provide good coverage indoors, where that number can certainly be less.

Pill Reminder Option - Having the system remind you of when to take medication is a nice feature, although not required by all. Many of these services have the main unit console provide some sort of beep reminder on regular interval to remind you of when to take your medication. The add-on piece of equipment for this feature has locked compartments and can hold up to 28 doses. The downside to this option is that it will not tell you what or how much medication to take.

Automatic Fall Detection Option - Since diabetics can have the tendency to faint, fall detectors can be helpful because the user would be unable to press their medical emergency button. Alert1 offers this auto fall alert for both their in-home and on-the-go medical alert system options.

No Phone Line/Cellular Option - Since every household no longer has a traditional telephone line, having a reliable no phone line option is a must. Please note that your area must have coverage by either AT&T or T-Mobile for their no phone line option to work.

Mobile GPS Option - For seniors or even young children on the go, this may be an important option for you. You will be able to take your medical alert coverage with you wherever you go.

TMA (CSAA) Five Diamond Certified Monitoring Center - Although Alert1 does not own its own center, the center they use goes through an annual certification process to ensure you are getting a higher quality monitoring service. The center can also service 190 different languages and they are all based in the United States.

Monitored Smoke Detection - Alert1 offers monitored smoke detection as an add-on feature. Smoke detection is a must for any home. They do not however offer Carbon Monoxide detection. It is important that you purchase and install a minimum of one smoke detector for each floor in your loved one’s home and one in each bedroom.

What We Dislike About Alert1 

No Monthly Billing Option - They do not offer a monthly billing option, which could be difficult for seniors on a fixed income.

Do Not Own Monitoring Center
- They do not monitor their accounts themselves, but they do work with a large national monitoring company, which has multiple dispatch centers, and is TMA (CSAA) 5 Diamond certified.

No Activity Monitoring - Activity monitoring typically requires the user to check in with the system by pressing a button once every 24 hours. This is very beneficial as it allows you to know that your loved one is active and about each day. Not all medical alert companies offer this feature, but it is an added bonus. 

No Prorated Refunds After Cancellation - If you pay in advance and decide to cancel after 30 days, you will not be able to get any pre-paid money back. 

What Others Are Saying About Alert1

Alert1 has video testimonials from real customers on their website. They also have written testimonials with user submitted photos. Many users praise Alert1 for providing peace of mind and comfort when living alone. The response time and service has rave reviews.

A lot of the negative reviews on yelp and other websites have to primarily do with Alert1’s refund policy. If you pay in advance for their services such as the annual or semi-annual plan and you cancel, you do not receive a prorated refund for the months of unused service. This is something to keep in mind when you are choosing what payment plan to use when trying to get the lowest rate. Also, if you purchase the warranty program, it only covers damaged equipment. If you lose the pendant you will be charged.

Alert1 is a Better Business Bureau accredited company with an A+ rating at the time of this review. They have an average of 8 complaints on file with the BBB.

Bottom Line

Alert1 has been in the medical monitoring business long enough to know how to service their customers and provide fast emergency response. They offer a wide variety of options and packages including automatic fall detection. We like their basic service offerings, but they do fall short on not offering activity detection as an option. They do however offer monitored smoke detection and pill reminder system as add-on options.

As with any medical alert monitoring company, there are many pros and cons. Automatic monthly tests, no long-term contracts and advanced payment discounts are some great pluses for Alert1. However, since they do not offer monthly payment options, it may be hard for some to afford, especially if they live on a fixed income. Some may be wary of paying too far in advance, especially since if you want to cancel after 30 days since they do not prorate your refund.

We do prefer companies that monitor their own accounts, however the company they contract is TMA (CSAA) 5-Diamond certified which can provide added quality control.

Alert1’s customer service is not open on the weekends so if you have a question about their products or would like to order over the phone, you would have to call within their weekday office hours. When Medical Alert Advice called, we spoke with a friendly service rep who answered all our questions and did not push us to make a purchase. Their website is very informative and easy to navigate so you should  have minimal problems finding answers to your questions or ordering online.

Alert1 is a good option for those who need add-on options not offered by other medical alert companies and don’t mind paying in advance.

Although our experience with this company had these results, your experience may be different. If you're interested in this company's services, contact them to judge for yourself

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Modified: 2019-03-12