Top 5 Brain Training Apps for Seniors

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Updated: January 19, 2020


Top 5 Brain Training Apps for Seniors


Who said screen time rots your brain? Sometimes time in front of a screen is beneficial — especially if you are an aging senior. Here are some apps that may help stimulate your aging family member’s brain. Granted, no app will be able to ward off the effects of aging on the mind completely, but you may want to try one of the following.


Staying Sharp

AARP recommends utilizing the Staying Sharp system. Besides offering games and interactive software, it also provides brain-healthy recipes, articles about the latest brain research, and a list of activities that will help keep your brain and body active.

Users can also create their own plans and track their progress using the app. Check it out if you are a member of AARP



The creators of Luminosity say that their games are backed by scientific research. Interacting with the activities on this app is said to improve cognition, math, and language skills. Whether you focus on memory-improving activities or verbal fluency, you can track your progress using the app.

Luminosity is not only for senior citizens. Younger users have also reported success from using this app.


Brain Age

It’s not a surprise that some people’s brains age differently than others. While your 85-year-old mother may still be as sharp as a tack, your 45-year-old brother may be struggling with memory loss.

Brain Age is a set of games that can be utilized at any age. The makers of this system report that you can improve your memory and cognitive ability in only minutes a day. Much like the other apps on this list, Brain Age allows you to track your progress over time. Lower your brain age, regardless of how old your driver’s license says you are.



Do you need to improve your problem-solving ability? Try using Peak. This free app offers over 40 enjoyable games that will not only enhance your memory but also claims to increase your mental agility.

Reviewers enjoy Peak but become frustrated by the constant suggestions to upgrade to the paid site. If you are looking for an app to utilize for a few moments each day, the free one would be enough for you.


My Brain Trainer

The My Brain Trainer website looks somewhat dated, but it claims to be the best virtual mental gymnasium. While the site allows you to try one of the games for free, you must purchase a subscription for three-months or a year.

The Brain Trainer website says that using the system will improve your IQ and reduce anxiety. Whether or not these brain training apps actually improve the cognitive skills of your aging senior family member, they may at least provide cheap entertainment for the one you love.


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