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LifeFone Frequently Asked Questions





What is LifeFone’s Mailing Address?
MSS Electronics, Inc.
16 Yellowstone Ave
White Plains, NY 10607-1324

What’s LifeFone’s Website?

What is Lifefone’s Phone Number?

Is LifeFone BBB Rated?  Yes, Lifefone is accredited by the BBB.  See LifeFone’s Better Business Bureau Rating.

LifeStation BBB Accredited

What Types of Services Does LifeFone Offer?  LifeFone offers medical alert systems that work at home or on-the-go with optional fall detection. They also have caregiver tools such as medication reminders, daily check-in calls, activity assurance and location services. LifeFone offers a full range of accessories, including lock boxes. Their Complete Home package provides fire, smoke and CO detection. Their policies are particularly customer friendly.

What Products Does LifeFone Offer?

LifeFone’s At-Home Landline and At-Home Cellular Systems work in and around the home. Their At-Home and On-the-Go GPS and At Home and On-the-Go GPS with Voice-in-Pendant Systems protect you both at home and away from home. LifeFone’s cellular systems work with AT&T cellular service, using LifeFone’s cellular service, not yours. Fall detection is optional all systems.

LifeFone’s Complete Home Package includes an At-Home Landline medical alert system along with fire/smoke and CO protection. Activity Assurance enables subscribes to check in with LifeFone daily. Daily Check-In Calls provide a personal call to LifeFone subscribers to see how they’re doing. Medication Reminders tell subscribers what medications to take and when to take them, and Location Service enables a loved one to see the location of the subscriber’s LifeFone mobile device as needed. LifeFone offers two smartphone apps: Mobile Alert™ let’s users get help fast in an emergency – even if they can’t speak. LifeFone’s Family Guard® is a user-configurable family tracking and monitoring device.

How long has LifeFone Been in Business?  Since 01/01/1976 according to the Better Business Bureau

Does LifeFone Service My Area?  LifeFone services the entire U.S.

How Do I Order LifeFone Service?  LifeFone can be ordered on-line or by phone

How Can I Cancel My LifeFone Service?  To cancel your LifeFone service, contact them by phone to let them know you wish to cancel.  LifeFone allows you to cancel service at any time.

Is LifeFone on social media?  Yes, LifeFone maintains the following social media presence:

Have you reviewed the LifeFone medical alert?  Yes!  Please see our LifeFone Review here.