Best Smartphones for Seniors

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Updated: June 7, 2022

Best Smartphones For Seniors


Technology continues to evolve at an astounding rate. With new advancements made practically every day senior citizens are in danger of being left out of touch. That doesn’t have to be the case, however. Especially when it comes to one of the most useful and innovative inventions of our age — the smartphone.

Smartphones nowadays can do practically anything from messaging and calling to running games and surfing the internet. You can even download a medical alert app to your smartphone to help you in an emergency. Considering the Life Alert cost, this could be a great saving. Despite this, there are plenty of senior friendly smartphones that are designed specifically for ease of use. Let’s take a look at the best smartphones for seniors.


1) Emporia Smart

You could say the Emporia is a mixture of old school and new school. If you’re not interested in using the new school touchscreen, you can overlay an old-school keypad cover over the screen. This keypad cover gives you a physical surface to actually type in numbers and letters.

The Emporia Smart also comes with a stylus for those who just aren’t fans of touchscreen technology. This phone is straightforward to use and focuses more so on the aesthetic needs of the user. It also features simple menus and large buttons.


2) Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 wasn’t exactly designed with senior citizens in mind. However, you can’t beat the Galaxy’s senior-friendly features that include an “Easy” mode that increases font size and makes the home menu extremely easy to use. With the addition of a 5.7-inch screen, the Galaxy Note 5 is an excellent option for any senior.

When Easy mode is activated the home screen will only display the local weather, date, time and the six most used functions. In addition, you can swipe to the left to access your 12 most favorite apps and you can swipe to the right to access your 12 most important contacts. Overall, the Galaxy Note 5 offers too many senior-friendly features not to be mentioned on this list.


3) Snapfon

If there were ever a phone built specifically for seniors, it would be the Snapfon. The buttons on the dial pad are massive compared to other phones which makes them much easier to see. It even features a hearing-aid friendly design and enhanced volume features to ensure that even if the user is hard of hearing they can still hold a conversation without issue.

Snapfon also features an emergency button that can be held down to connect with an agent that can contact emergency services on their behalf. One of Snapfon’s most unique features is how it handles low batteries. A user can set their phone so that it can text anyone they choose (such as a family member or caregiver) when the battery is low.


4) Jitterbug Smart

The Jitterbug Smart is a Great Call smartphone and it’s perfect for seniors due to its 5.5-inch high-definition screen and easy to use menu. The contacts list provides one-touch access, meaning that navigation is simplified and with simple access to the most frequently used apps the Jitterbug Smart has proven to be a top contender when it comes to senior-friendly smartphones.

Other convenient features include voice commands for texts and emails and a variety of optional safety and health features. Take the MedCoach app for example. It sends reminders to refill prescriptions and medication.

Jitterbug Smart also offers a highly-rated medical alert service that connects the user with an agent whose available around the clock to render medical services. Agents are even be able to track the location of a person in need by locking onto the GPS of their phone and directing medical personnel to the proper location.


5) Blu Joy

If you’re looking for a more modern smartphone that looks sleek and new yet possesses all of the features of a senior-friendly smartphone than look no further than the Blu Joy. Blue Joy offers a 2.4″ screen and large easy to read buttons. A fairly large emergency button is positioned on the back of the phone that can connect the user with emergency services. Blu Joy also offers great easy to use features such as a media player and camera which makes it simple for seniors to watch videos and share photos with friends and family.


6) Doro 824 SmartEasy

The Doro 824 SmartEasy is yet another easy to use smartphone that was designed with seniors in mind. The home screen is easy to navigate and simple to use, and the large 5″ screen allows for plenty of room for large icons and easy to read bold text.

One of the more senior-friendly features on the Doro 824 is the fact that a single button can be programmed to dial a specific preselected number. That way if an emergency were to occur you could simply hit that button, and you can be in contact with any person or service you choose to rush to your aid.


7) PowerTel M9500

The PowerTel M9500 is certainly one of the more unique phones on this list. Their motto is “Loud and Clear.” No truer words have ever been spoken especially when you consider the fact that the ringtone on the PowerTel can reach as loud as 90 dB. That’s as loud as a train whistle. That may seem excessive to some, but it’s perfect for the hard of hearing.

If the PowerTel wasn’t loud enough already it can be adjusted by an additional 40dB. This is easily the loudest phone on this list by leaps and bounds. The PowerTel also comes with large easy to read buttons, making it a great option for seniors who deal with hearing issues.


Which phone do you like?

Each of the above-listed phones are excellent choices for senior citizens. They’re easy to view, simple to use, and loud enough for those who struggle with hearing issues. With features such as emergency buttons to contact emergency services and other like features, you’d be remiss not to try one of these phones out.

Featured Image Credit: geralt  / Pixabay