Lenovo Smart Display

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Updated: February 20, 2019


Lenovo Smart Display


Technology devices in our homes are no longer just a computer, smart phone or even a personal assistant. Growing trends in the world of tech change almost daily and these geniuses are creating devices that we never dreamt about needing to take care of tasks at home. The recent CES convention had all these new devices on display and demand is definitely out there for these products. One device that is a welcoming site in most homes is the Lenovo Smart Display. Starting at just $149.99 this is an affordable option for those wanting a display with their voice activated assistant.

Lenovo recently launched their new smart display that will be in homes across the world. The display is available in two different sizes (10 inch or 8 inch), integrates with Google Assistant, Alexa (after downloading the app), can make phone calls, video calls, display photos, has a touchscreen and the most exciting part is that it plays YouTube videos. This amazing product is also great for senior citizens as the display is larger to read and easy to use.

Google Assistant

Prior to the Lenovo if you wanted a display for your Google Assistant you had to turn to Amazon as Google’s assistant did not have the capabilities of utilizing a screen. Google then decided that in order to be competitive they had to team-up with a few third-party companies to integrate their Google Assistant speaker with a display screen. This is where Lenovo came into the picture and created two different sized screens that work directly with Google Assistant but also with other smart devices. This news is making such a splash that manufacturers are stocking up for the expected demand for this product.

Lenovo designed the touch screen to look like a tablet which makes it extremely appealing to consumers. Although it looks like a tablet, it’s propped up, and does not lay flat. The speaker for the device is on the front of the screen. The sound quality is one issue, but this is the only flaw found in this product. It contains a front facing camera that is used for recording video which is nice when you are hanging out with family or if you want to film yourself cooking a great meal for the kids. Don’t worry though, if you are wanting privacy and do not want to accidentally record your actions there is a touch setting that will turn the camera function off.

The greatest functions of the new Lenovo display are that it integrates with most Google smart devices like the Google phone and the personal assistant. You also can view different areas of the house with the device which makes this perfect for families with new babies that they want to keep an eye on while they are busy working in another part of the house.

Unlike all other display screens with personal assistants, the Lenovo display allows you to view YouTube videos. The videos are in high-definition and are convenient if you are wanting to cook something in the kitchen but do not want to simply read the recipe. You will not miss a step as you can watch the instructions as you are preparing yours at the same time.

This setup of this advanced device is very simple as you use the Google Home App and it walks you through the entire setup process. Because of the integration, you cause Google Assistant to ask the display about the weather, traffic or anything else and the results will display on the screen.

Another great feature is that the Lenovo Display is easy to set-up for your smart home devices and since it is voice activated, you set it up to where it can control certain parts of your home with a simple voice command or statement. It can simultaneously turn on your kitchen light, give you the weather for the day and then start music playing as it also syncs with Pandora, or Spotify. What a great way to wake up in the morning!

The Lenovo Display is the best display on the market in terms of size, functionality and quality. It is larger than all the other displays available through Amazon, it has so many functions that some may never be used, and with its high-definition views it is one of the best devices you could purchase for your home.

Featured Image Credit: Lenovo