Why is a TMA (CSAA) Five Diamond Certified Monitoring Center Important For Medical Alert Monitoring?

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Companies We Compared That Are CSAA Five Diamond Certified

Top Companies That Are TMA (CSAA) Five Diamond Certified

Central station, monitoring center, central monitoring facility, and dispatch center are all terms used to describe the place where your medical alert monitoring is performed. There are many different standards that can be used to rate these facilities.  You may have heard the terms UL-Listed or FM Approved used to describe these operations.  Since there are no laws that are required by central stations to follow, many central stations choose to be certified or approved by outside organizations which have standards that must be followed.  One of these professional organizations is the The Monitoring Association or TMA (formally CSAA).

CSAA stands for the Central Station Alarm Association and it has been around since 1950 but has recently changed to TMA which stands for The Monitoring Association. It’s an organization that works with UL-Listed and FM Approved central monitoring facilities.  One of its major goals is the development of industry standards to assure optimum central station performance levels. Any central station can join the TMA (CSAA), if they meet certain criteria.  One of which is being UL-Listed by Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc. or FM Approved by Factory Mutual Research Corporation.  This is very important.

Being rated by either of these agencies requires very strict guidelines and a substantial investment by the monitoring facility.  It also includes continual inspections by these agencies.  Since you have to be rated by one or both of these agencies to join the TMA (CSAA), as a central station, you already know that these companies adhere to higher standards by just being a member.  But, the TMA (CSAA) took this one step further by creating the TMA (CSAA) Five Diamond Certification program.

So what additional benefits do you receive by working with a TMA (CSAA) Five Diamond Certified company?  Per the TMA (CSAA), here are some of the major benefits to you and your loved one:

  • Companies achieving and maintaining their Five Diamond Certification are committed to serving the public and the local authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ’s) through the professional development and standardization of training for all their central station operators.
  • This certification, and its annual renewal, demonstrate a commitment of the Five Diamond Central Station to the continual upgrade in the performance levels of the central station operators who are the first line of defense in private sector emergency response.

Another benefit to you is that the TMA (CSAA) does not charge for this certification either initially or annually.  The only costs involved are the costs of compliance itself.  That tells you that the TMA (CSAA) is not doing this just to get additional fees from its members.  It’s truly a certification that adds value to the central station and its customers.

See which companies we compared that operate TMA (CSAA) Five Diamond Certified monitoring centers.  You’ll be happy if you  make this a requirement of the medical alert monitoring company you work with.