6 “Must Have” Products for Seniors Living Alone

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Updated: November 23, 2019


6 Must Have Products for Seniors Living Alone


More and more seniors are choosing to age in place. With the high cost of senior care, some families see this as their only option.

What are some of the “must-have” products for any senior citizen who is living alone? Here is a list of some of our favorites.


Large Print Clocks for Seniors

It’s sometimes difficult for senior citizens to keep track of what day it is. Eliminate this problem by purchasing a large-print clock. Some on the market also display the day and date in an easy-to-read font.

Some large-print alarm clocks can also be used to set reminders for your loved one to take prescription meds. Look for an alarm clock that sets itself automatically and runs on a battery.


Medical Alert System


If your aging loved one lives independently, you probably always worry whether or not your parent is safe and secure. One way to reduce your worry is to request that your parents have a medical alert system.

These devices have come a long way since the “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up” era. Since many systems, such as Medical Guardian’s, come with a fall detector, you can be alerted about a fall, whether or not your loved one can push a button or not.

These guardian medical systems start at around $30 per month, and can have a range of over 1,300 feet!


Grabber with Long Handle

Just as you made your home safe for toddlers when you had young kids, you should also make your aging parent’s house safe for seniors. Look for tripping hazards, install grab bars in the bathroom, and make sure all daily items are easy to reach.

Even if you think that everything your parents would need is within reach, they may try to obtain something on occasion that is on a low or high shelf. Since you don’t want your aging parent to stand on a step stool, purchase a grabber with a long handle.


Easy to Use Cell Phone

As people age, technology becomes harder to learn. Make sure your aging parent is still able to use a cell phone. If their current smartphone seems too complicated, purchase a phone that is more senior-friendly. Some phones have large, easy-to-read buttons that are perfect for someone who doesn’t see as well anymore. Some allow you to program five or six contacts whose names are displayed on the front page of the screen.


Pill Dispenser

We have all seen plastic pill containers that allow you to organize your medication for every day of the week. Look for high-tech versions of pharmaceutical dispensers if your aging parent has a difficult time remembering to take medication.

Some products will alert loved ones if the medication is not taken on time.


Bedside Urinal

Older adults often have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. If your aging father makes frequent trips, you may encourage him to use a plastic urinal that he can keep by the side of the bed. Not only will this eliminate constant trips from the bedroom to the bathroom, but it may also reduce the likelihood of your father falling while stumbling through the dark.

It’s natural to worry about an aging parent living independently at home. That said, there are many products available to help relieve some of that stress. This short list may be a good place to start.



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