Six Best Podcasts for Seniors

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Updated: August 21, 2019


Six of the Best Podcasts for Seniors

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Podcasts are a great way to occupy and stimulate the mind while doing chores, cooking, gardening, knitting, etc. They can be educational, inspirational, thrilling, and relaxing. If you are looking to find a podcast to occupy your mind while your hands are busy, here are six of the best ones you can try.


Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast is not just about history. It is part storytelling, part in-depth analysis, and part debate on current events. Carlin likes to approach historical events from every possible angle, present them with passion, and use them to place current events in context. Listening to this podcast is about more than just picking up some interesting trivia; it is about educating yourself on the world and why it is the way it is today. He might make you laugh, he might make you mad, but he will definitely make you think.



If you enjoy listening to This American Life, you will probably enjoy Serial. Serial is a true crimes podcast from the people who created This American Life. The podcast tells the story of one real-life crime during the course of a season. Serial is in its third season now, so there are plenty of episodes to keep you occupied.


The History of Rome

Mike Duncan has spent ten years working on his award-winning The History of Rome podcast. He follows the story of the Roman empire from Aeneas landing in Italy all the way through to Rome’s last emperor, Augustulus. Duncan finds the most interesting pieces of Roman history, the betrayals in the court, the invasions by barbarians, and Rome’s most spectacular achievements. If that is not enough for you, he also published a best-selling book on Roman history.


The Relic Radio

If you miss the golden age of radio, or just like the feeling of old-fashioned radio shows, tune into The Relic Radio. This podcast has compiled radio shows from the 30’s and 40’s to be enjoyed by a modern audience. Relic Radio is actually many different shows under one umbrella. Their shows include: Case Closed!, Into the West, Featured, Legacy of Laughs, News, Orson Welles on Air, Relic Radio Science Fiction, Relic Radio Show, Relic Radio Thrillers, Strange Tales, and The Horror. They have classic shows in every genre for every type of listener.


On Being with Krista Tippett

Maybe you would like to listen to a podcast to give you some inspiration, information, or direction. On Being strives to do just that. On Being is based on six basic values, including meaningful words, listening, civility, humility, patience, and hospitality. They strive to help listeners build a more enjoyable, responsible, and deliberate life by giving listeners inspiration and tools to live the best lives possible. Their shows explore science, spirituality, community, poetry, art, and social healing. This podcast is sure to uplift you.


Last Seen

Last Seen is a different kind of crime podcast than the ones most people are used to. It follows the story of one of the strangest art heists in history, that of the Gardner Museum in Boston. Thirteen valuable paintings were stolen and still have not been found. This podcast explores what might have happened to those paintings, and if law enforcement officials have any idea where they might be.

Hopefully these podcasts will get you started on your journey to the endless world of podcasting. If you want the basics on how to get started listening to a podcast on your device, take a look at How to Listen to Podcasts from The Guardian for the basics.