Active Guardian: A Medical Alert System for Seniors On the Go

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Updated: June 13, 2022


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Today’s older adults are active and bucking every trend or stereotype that implies retirement is for sitting at home relaxing. Instead, older adults today are tackling retirement with vigor; some choose to work or consult part-time while others are traveling the world or volunteering at their favorite organizations. In any case, more active seniors still require support and resources that will keep them healthy while on the go. If you’ve read our Medical Guardian reviews you’ll see that the Active Guardian medical alert system is the perfect mix of assistance and flexibility.

Active Guardian Meets Seniors Where They Are At

While today’s seniors are certainly active, that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have the underlying medical conditions that can cause serious emergencies. For example, conditions like orthostatic hypotension, arthritis, or Parkinson’s Disease can increase the risk of falling. Fortunately, a quality medical alert system can give seniors and their family members peace of mind by connecting seniors in need with trained professionals 24-hours per day.

Active Guardian is unique in that it alerts help while you’re in the home as well as out in the greater community. Thanks to combining WiFi and GPS technology, seniors who need the support service can use it nearly anywhere.

How the Active Guardian Medical Alert System Works

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The Active Guardian uses WiFi and GPS technology to give seniors access to assistance no matter where they are
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The Active Guardian, part of the Medical Guardian family of products, is in many ways refreshingly simple to use. It’s a no-frills approach, simply a pendant on a lanyard. With the advancements in technology throughout the senior space, a “less is more” approach is much more friendly to all types of older adults.

The pendant has a button for seniors to push in case of an emergency. However, the device is also smart enough to detect potential falls which means the senior does not have to push the button to receive help. (Please note that fall detection services are an upgraded feature, at an additional cost per month). Once the fall is detected, the senior is able to communicate with trained professionals via the speaker on the device.

If needed, the operator can call emergency services on behalf of the senior. Even better, if the senior is outside of the home and not sure how to describe where they are, the GPS tracking feature can give the operator the information they need to dispatch first responders to the appropriate location.

Benefits of the Active Guardian

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The Active Guardian’s pendant is easy to use, quickly connecting seniors to the help they need
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Not all medical alert systems are created equal, and each senior has their own unique challenges and preferences. However, the Active Guardian does offer services that can support a wide range of older adults:

  • The older adult who doesn’t like to take his cell phone on long-distance bike rides
  • The older adult who fell once at the mall and is worried it could happen again
  • The older adult who feels too afraid to leave their home since their current pendant system will not work more than 100 yards from their front door
  • The older adult who has a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease and has a history of frequent falls at home
  • The older adult who worries about a medical alert system that uses cameras or sensor-based technology
  • The older adult who needs an easier way to contact help when needed

The Active Guardian is easy to use (just push the button) and smart enough to recognize falls in case the senior can’t push the button on their own (this feature comes at an additional cost per month). It works with WiFi inside the home and with GPS outside the home. Finally, it is waterproof, which is especially important since most falls in the home happen on slick surfaces throughout the bathroom or kitchen. This means the senior can confidently wear the device in the shower, keeping them safe in especially vulnerable conditions.

Fast Facts About Active Guardian

The Active Guardian medical alert system is easy to use and versatile. Here are a few other things you should know about the system:

  • The Active Guardian starts at less than $1.50 per day
  • The device charges on a dock and once fully charged can last up to 5 days without needing the charge again
  • Once on the charging station, the Active Guardian is at a full charge within 3 hours
  • The Active Guardian has a low-battery light signaling it will need to be charged soon
  • The pendant comes with an adjustable lanyard that is easy to use, making it ideal for older adults with arthritis or fine motor challenges
  • Each Active Guardian purchase comes with an AT&T cellular service subscription
  • As with all Medical Guardian products, the Active Guardian comes with the option to add on additional products, like emergency lock-boxes or protection plan

Not all medical alert systems need to include cameras throughout the home or apps for family members to stay updated. Sometimes, a senior just needs the extra peace of mind knowing they have access to fast assistance no matter where they are. The Active Guardian is the perfect combination of security, safety, and ease. We suggest to read Medical Guardian reviews to get the full picture of the company and all the medical alert products they offer.