NCOA’S Benefits Checkup Site – Find and Apply for Senior Benefits

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Updated: February 24, 2019

Find and Apply for Senior Benefits


A new feature has been added by the National Council on Aging (NCOA) to its web-based program BenefitsCheckUp that has the potential to assist millions of patients who are not enrolled (but are eligible for) Extra Help Benefit — a service that’s made available through Part D, Medicare’s Prescription Drug Coverage.

Expediting the process

Frankly, all seniors who live on a limited income should apply for BenefitsCheckUp to gain extra assistance. With the website updated and easier to use than ever before, seniors can jump online and find out right away if they’re eligible for assistance when it comes to general health care expenses, paying for medication, or receiving extra monthly income.

How to get Extra Help

To find out if they qualify, seniors must first apply to the Social Security Administration (SSA). If they qualify for the program, Extra Help will pay their cost of sharing. Overall, seniors can save around $3,700 annually in expenses.

Seniors with Medicare, senior caregivers, or family members can visit NCOA’s Benefits CheckUp website to fill out and submit an application for Extra Help. They can then receive immediate confirmation that SSA has received the application.

Additional Benefits

Thankfully for users, there are additional benefits for BenefitsCheckUp, such as the feature Extra Help with Prescription Costs that will inform users of their eligibility for other state and federal benefit programs. These programs include food stamps, extra income, Medicare savings programs, and other prescription savings.

Ultimately, BenefitsCheckUp was created to meet the demand of requests received from individuals and organizations who were involved in identifying and helping seniors with Medicare. Not only is the BenefitsCheckUp Extra Help feature fast, but it’s also confidential and free.


Seniors should take advantage of the NCOA’s efforts because it will allow them to significantly shrink their Medicare bills if they qualify. Today, NCOA continues to work tirelessly to identify and help those who might be eligible for Medicare Extra Help. Seniors have nothing to lose and practically everything to gain, making this the ideal program for thousands of people nationwide.

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