How To Warm-Up Your Loved One To The Idea of a Medical Alert Monitoring System

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Updated: December 24, 2022


Compare Medical Alert Companies Side-By-Side

Compare Medical Alert Companies Side-By-Side

Did you know (according to one major service provider) that approximately 75% of all medical alert monitoring systems are purchased by adult children for their aging parents?  Did you also know that you are probably going to get some resistance from your parents when you approach them with the idea of a medical alert system?

Well, you may not have known the answer to the first question, but I bet you knew the answer to the second one!  Medical alert monitoring systems save lives everyday.  They are the best “bang-for-the-buck” in anything related to health care, you can check out Life Alert costs on our site.  So if they are so great and not too expensive, then why the resistance from users of these systems?  Good question.  We believe the answer is simple: elderly people don’t want to admit that they are getting old, seniors are stubborn, and they just don’t want their kids telling them what to do!

Consider this, more seniors aged 65 and older die from injuries related to falls.  That’s more people than heart attack and stroke victims combined.  Also, seniors who have fallen once are more likely to fall again.   Getting immediate help after a fall greatly reduces the risk of death and hospitalization.  Has your loved one ever fallen?  Have you seen them stumble more often as they’ve become older?  If so, share some of this information with them.

Do your loved ones know how much you worry about them?  Have you tried to talk to them and explain your concerns to them?  Let them know that a medical alert system may give you more peace of mind than maybe they’ll get, but that added peace of mind benefits everyone.

If your parents are like many, they don’t want to spend more money than they have to on anything.  In fact, even if they remotely think that a system like this would be beneficial, they may not admit it do to the thought of a high cost of such a service.  Let them know that there are many companies that provide these services and that has driven the costs down to about one dollar a day, in most cases.

Let your loved ones know that medical alert systems are doctor recommended and that they will allow them to live independently longer, in their own surroundings.  Nothing has to change for them.  They don’t have to learn a new routine, or stop doing what they love most in life.  They can do more of what they want knowing that help is literally just a push of a button away.

The fact of the matter is that you really need to get around the stubbornness that many of the elderly have.  They don’t like change and they want to feel in control.  That’s really not an unreasonable request.  You know your loved one better than anyone.  Your goal is to get them to see things in a clear and rational way.  Once they do, they’ll realize that life is just too precious to leave to chance.