Cherry Home Makes Fall Monitoring Discreet and Effective

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Updated: May 11, 2020


Cherry Home fall monitoring systemIf your senior loved one lives at home independently, you may already know the worry that can accompany every additional diagnosis or challenge. It’s common for family caregivers to lose sleep over worrying about their senior loved one’s safety when they are alone at home. However, moving to a senior living community is not always the best option. Fortunately, you can keep track of your loved one’s needs and daily routines thanks to Cherry Home, a discreet fall monitoring system.

How Cherry Home Detects Falls

According to the National Council on Aging, falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries among older adults. Every 11 seconds, an older adult visits the emergency room due to a fall. Even more startling, an older adult dies from a fall-related injury every 19 minutes. Falling is a senior health crisis.

While seniors fall for a variety of reasons, ranging from medication side effects to decreased balance due to an underlying condition, one thing is certain: most family caregivers do not know how much their loved one is falling at home until there is a crisis event. In fact, physicians and medical professionals estimate seniors fall much more often than they report to their loved ones or doctors.

Cherry Home, along with other fall monitoring systems, offer a solution through detection. While some fall monitoring systems require a pendant, bracelet, or other wearable devices, Cherry Home acknowledges that seniors may not always wear their device which puts them at risk of falling without anyone realizing it. Cherry Home instead uses technology throughout the home to observe the older adult and recognize falls or other events.

How Cherry Home Works

Cherry Home fall monitoring system

The Cherry Home app communicates immediately with designated caregivers.
Photo Credit: Cherry Home

The Cherry Home system begins with camera-based sensors that are put throughout the home. The sensors look like photo frames, making the Cherry Home system discreet to visitors. (You can even put your own photos in the frames and switch out the artwork!) The sensors communicate via WiFi to a central unit, designed to fit on a shelf or inside a cabinet. After five days of scanning and getting to “know” the home, Cherry Home’s technology is smart enough to begin noticing abnormalities or other events.

When Cherry Home detects a possible fall, the system alerts designated family members and emergency services, as necessary. Trained professionals will also call the senior through the system to determine what has happened and what type of assistance is required. Finally, designated family members can also speak to their loved one via the app, so that they can reassure their loved one that help is on the way.

Cherry Home does not rely on the senior to remember to wear a device in order to stay safe. The system also does not rely on the senior remembering to push a certain button or pull a specific cord in the home to get help. Instead, the system monitors the home 24/7 in order to spot falls when they happen.

Cherry Home’s Discreet Fall Monitoring Solution

Cherry Home fall monitoring system

The Cherry Home system offers discreet fall monitoring, assistance, and prevention for seniors at home
Photo credit: Cherry Home

In addition to Cherry Home’s photo frame camera sensors, the developers also paid close attention to privacy and dignity. Seniors and their loved ones can choose how they would like the cameras to monitor their activity. Users can choose between normal view mode and stick figures mode. In stick figures mode, the system uses a figure to represent the person, making it ideal for bathrooms or bedrooms.

In addition to detecting falls when they happen, Cherry Home offers the opportunity to prevent falls as well. Thanks to its smart technology, it can detect unusual events that could eventually lead to a fall or other emergency event. From monitoring restless sleep patterns to coughing, Cherry Home gives family caregivers unique insight into how their loved one is really doing at home.

Cherry Home communicates with designated family members via a comprehensive app. The app sends daily reports to caregivers that include any abnormal events or patterns. Caregivers can use this information to schedule a doctor’s appointment or to increase the amount of support at home. If your loved one has a visiting in-home caregiver or professional visit throughout the week, those professionals can also be added to the app, offering them unique insight on what happened while they were not in the home.

Fast Facts About Cherry Home

The Cherry Home fall monitoring system does more than just send help when a fall occurs. It also detects potential problems, giving caregivers the opportunity to follow up as needed or set-up supports that can prevent emergencies from happening in the first place.

  • The cost for the system, including the hardware and app, is $299 per month. While this can seem pricey, it includes everything and there is no long-term subscription requirement.
  • You can cancel services at any time and return hardware without a fuss.
  • The monthly cost includes 24/7 access to trained professionals
  • Seniors and their family members can choose who has access to the app and alerts
  • Communication via the Cherry Home sensors is easy; family members can just use a button on their app and their voice is heard through the sensors

Falls have serious consequences for seniors. Fortunately, there are solutions to keep your loved one safe at home alone or with a partner. Cherry Home and other fall monitoring systems offer discreet ways to detect and even prevent falls from happening in the home.