Freedom Guardian: A Smarter and More Stylish Medical Alert

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Just a decade ago, medical alert devices were functional but definitely not stylish. Fortunately, advances in technology along with taking opinions of active seniors into account have given the market a much-needed revitalization. Today, medical alert devices are functional, smart, and actually useful during daily life and not just in emergencies. It only takes one glance at the Freedom Guardian to see the difference.

The latest development from Medical Guardian is the Freedom Guardian, a smartwatch designed for today’s active senior. You probably wouldn’t even know the Freedom Guardian was a medical alert device at all when you first saw it, and that discreet design is a part of the draw. Further, seniors of all abilities can enjoy the peace of mind the Freedom Guardian provides. Make sure to read our Medical Guardian reviews to get all the latest product information.

The first of its kind, Freedom Guardian offers a smartwatch choice. However, there are other medical alert devices on the market for you to consider while making a decision on what is best for you. For example, the Philips GoSafe 2 or Bay Alarm Medical On-the-Go button system offer monitoring but without the additional bells and whistles. MobileHelp’s Smart would be more similar to the Freedom Guardian but its size and style are more geared towards men.

Features of the Freedom Guardian

Everyone is wearing smartwatches these days,

Freedom Guardian medical alert device

The Freedom Guardian is more than peace of mind. It’s functional and sleek too.

but none are designed for the unique needs of older adults. The Freedom Guardian seamlessly steps into this space, providing a sleek design that looks like the latest smartwatch style.

Aside from looking good, the Freedom Guardian gives seniors access to unique features designed to keep them active and safe. Freedom Guardian wearers enjoy:

  • High-resolution face display
  • Emergency assistance button (just press the red button on the side of the watch and hold for 3 seconds to be connected to the Medical Guardian monitoring center)
  • Text-to-speech messaging
  • Location tracking using GPS, WiPS, and triangulation
  • Alarms and alerts
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Updated local weather forecasts
  • Oversized icons
  • Adjustable band

While there is not a specific fall alert system as a part of the Freedom Guardian, the wearer can be connected to Medical Guardian response personnel in just three seconds thanks to the emergency button on the side of the watch. Medical Guardian reviews are a great way to find information such as response times and pricing information. 

The Freedom Guardian system is not just the smartwatch component. It also features a helpful interactive app that the senior, along with any other caregiver, can download. Thanks to the app, a caregiver can send a quick message to see how they are feeling on their hike or ask how their physician appointment went earlier in the day. The caregiver can also enable location tracking on the app, which can be especially helpful for seniors who live with early stages of cognitive decline. 

Finally, the app can function as the day planner for the senior. Both the senior and their caregivers can add in events, like doctor appointments or coffee with a friend, as well as helpful reminders to take medications or drink a glass of water. Alerts will sound on the alarm to provide helpful audio and visual cueing to the wearer.

Who the Freedom Guardian Is For

medical alert device

The Freedom Guardian provides text-to-speech options, and it will read messages aloud as needed.

Ideal for nearly any senior, the Freedom Guardian is versatile and can serve as a helpful part of daily life. For the more active senior, the smartwatch can count steps and monitor heart rate during an exercise class or give a local forecast so the wearer can better plan an outdoor visit with a friend.

For a senior who needs some additional assistance, the Freedom Guardian allows collaboration between the wearer and the caregiver. The senior can have peace of mind knowing they won’t forget their next medication time because the Freedom Guardian will offer a friendly alert. The caregiver can take a deep breath knowing they can quickly find the location of their loved one in case of an emergency.

Fast Facts About the Freedom Guardian

The Freedom Guardian gives peace of mind without the bulky or conspicuous look of other medical alert devices. Here are the quick facts on the device:

  • The device cost is $149.
  • After the equipment cost, wearers pay monthly, quarterly, or annual fees that amount just over $1 per day.
  • The membership fee includes the emergency SOS service and access to Medical Guardian support services.
  • Text-to-speech and alert services cost $5 per month.
  • Smartwatch band comes in white or black, and is adjustable.
  • Battery status appears in the corner of the smartwatch display screen, and there are alerts when the battery is at 15%, 10%, and 5%.
  • The Freedom Guardian features a battery that can be in use without a charge for up to 48 hours. 
  • Low vision wearers can hear time, date, alerts, and text messages from the smartwatch.
  • The supporting app is called Care Circle and is available for Apple or Android devices.
  • Medical Guardian offers customer support and is available to answer questions from seniors or their caregivers.

The Freedom Guardian is the next step in wearable technology for seniors.