Vayyar HOME SmartHome Technology Can Detect & Prevent Falls

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Updated: March 12, 2023

Homes today are definitely not the same as the homes of the 1980s or 90s. Thanks to technology, it is common for most houses to feature smart plugs, smart TVs, smart locks and virtual assistant services like Alexa or Siri. SmartHome technology is making life a bit easier and more convenient, which is why it is so popular.

Vayyar Home is a new device that harnesses SmartHome technology to create safer environments for seniors who live at home alone or with a partner. Through advanced monitoring and communication, these services are not only detecting falls or other safety concerns – they are attempting to prevent them altogether. You can read our Lifeline reviews to compare SmartHome with a traditional medical monitoring system.

Seniors and Preventing Falls

Seniors are at a higher risk of falling at home or while out and about. Unfortunately, a fall is often much more serious for older adults. The Centers for Disease Control reports that 1 in 4 seniors fall annually, though this number could be much higher as many seniors do not report their falls to loved ones or medical professionals. 

Older adult falls are a public health concern and can be costly as well as dangerous. The CDC reports that 3 million older adults are treated for fall-related injuries yearly, with at least 300,000 seniors being hospitalized for hip fractures due to falling. However, there is some good news: falls are preventable.

Vayyar HOME system

The Vayyar HOME system offers around the clock monitoring via sensors around the home. Source: Vayyar HOME

Seniors living at home alone or with a partner are more vulnerable to falling. However, there are precautions that can prevent falls. A list of recommendations include:

  • Have a pharmacist or physician review current medications
  • Work on strength and flexibility by exercising
  • Update eyeglasses to the correct prescription
  • Wear the right footwear
  • Use railings and grab bars around the home and while out and about
  • Use recommended mobility aids like a walker or cane

Older adults and their family members can also prevent falls at home by making slight alterations to the home environment. For example:

  • Clearing hallways and walking spaces of large furniture or clutter that could cause falls
  • Updating or adding lighting in stairwells or poorly lit areas of the home
  • Adding grab bars near the toilet 
  • Adding slip-resistant strips on the shower floor
  • Installing a shower seat 
  • Adding nightlights in the bedroom, hall, and bathroom areas
  • Consider a fall monitoring and response system for the home

Vayyar HOME as a SmartHome Technology Solution

In addition to lowering fall risk by altering lifestyle and environment, seniors can also benefit from Vayaar HOME’s SmartHome technology. Currently, SmartHome technology includes a variety of services that could make life easier for seniors living at home alone, including fall prevention.

Not only can devices like Amazon’s Alexa help with reminders or alerts, combining the service with a smart plug can give the senior voice-activated lighting throughout the home. SmartHome technology can also provide monitoring within the home, including everything from temperature to sleep and gait patterns.

About Vayyar HOME

Vayyar HOME sensors

The Vayyar HOME sensors work best as a team, so put sensors in busy rooms of the home. Source: Vayyar HOME

Formerly known as Walabot HOME, the Vayyar HOME device has found a new way to monitor seniors at home without disrupting their privacy. It all starts with sensors mounted throughout busy spots in the home, like the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. 

“Our discreet device continually uses 4D imaging sensors to monitor for falls throughout the home, says Yonatan Matz, Outbound Marketing Specialist for Vayyar. “It is 100% automatic and requires no wearables, no buttons, and no cameras.”

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. SmartHome technology is simple and safe, allowing for around the clock monitoring that is ideal for seniors living at home alone. And there is no need to worry about privacy or cybersecurity concerns. “Our device doesn’t use any cameras so privacy is protected. Instead, it uses radiofrequency that is 100 times safer than the technology used in a household microwave.”

The devices not only scan for movement and potential emergency situations (like falls), the devices can also call first responders or and emergency contact for assistance. Further, additional upgraded services include gait monitoring, activity monitoring, and other security features.

Fast Facts About Vayyar HOME

Vayyar is a tech company with a variety of solutions for seniors and for people of all ages. Here are a few quick facts about their service.

  • Vayyar HOME is the same device that was once known as Walabot HOME.
  • The sensors are meant to work together, with sensors throughout the home
  • The sensors offer a 170-degree scanning field of view and a range of 20-25 feet
  • Sensors can detect movement through furniture, meaning if there is a fall behind the couch, the device will still notice it
  • Upgraded services also include daily pattern monitoring and notification if something is different

Technology has come a long way and seniors living at home are certainly benefiting from the additional options now available. As you are considering fall prevention tactics, be sure to include SmartHome technology as an option to keep you or your aging loved one safe.