Buying A Medical Alert System Can Be An Emotional Experience

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Updated: June 9, 2022


Our Buyer's Guide Makes It Easy

Our Buyer’s Guide Makes It Easy

Buying a medical alert monitoring system can be difficult on an emotional level. Whether your buying for yourself, a spouse, or your loved one, you are forced to face a life changing reality.  You’re loved one is aging.  We all age, and do it everyday.  That’s just part of life.  But when your in the market for a medical alert system, it’s a little different.  It’s an emotional purchase that has life saving consequences. Our research is aimed to save you time and effort. Read our Lifeline reviews for all the information you could need on a medical alert device.

Some medical alert monitoring companies play on these feelings and emotions. We all know that’s part of sales, but we’re talking about your life or the life of your loved one here.   You need to make the right choice with the least amount of distractions and emotions when making these life alert comparisons.  So how do you do it?  The best way is to focus on the facts, and not the fluff.

Simply put, if the information is not on our simple and easy to use comparisons grid, then it’s probably fluff.

What’s In a Name?

Not much.  If you’ve heard a lot about a company, it could simply be because they have a great advertising or PR campaign.  Or, as they say in the public relations business, “bad publicity is good publicity.”  As a consumer, your mind will remember what it has heard the most, and it is reinforced over and over again.  When you’re out shopping for a product or service, you may just remember what you heard most, no matter whether the information is good or bad.  What’s in a name?  A name, and that’s really about it.

If It’s Not In Writing, Don’t Rely On It

When you’re talking with sales people about medical alert systems, you’re going to hear a lot of different things.  As you can see from the data that we’ve collected for you, there’s more to these systems than a simple push of a button.  You don’t need to know everything, but you should at least understand the basics, so you are an informed consumer.

You’ll get more information here than probably anywhere.  We’ve narrowed things down to the most important items and have given you our expert opinions on the biggest names in the business.  But it’s still up to you to make the final decision.  If a salesperson tells you something, be sure to get it in writing so you know exactly what to expect and what not to expect from your medical alert monitoring provider.

Read It Before You Sign It

All professional medical monitoring providers have agreements that must be signed prior to beginning service.  These agreements spell-out the terms, pricing, and the length of the service.  They protect you and the monitoring company.  You will most likely not understand everything you read.  If you’re simply not sure about a particular item, ask a friend or family member to take a look, but understand that many of these agreements will be very similar.

To keep emotion out of a buying decision takes facts. Please take the time to review the facts that we have provided here for you.  We hope it will make your medical alert buying experience an easier one.