Life Alert Systems For Seniors

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Updated: June 6, 2022

life alert systems

Life Alert offers a variety of solutions, including the HELP button ideal for the bathroom. Image credit: Life Alert

When it comes to medical alert systems for older adults, reputation and longevity go a long way when you are making a decision. For most of us, when we think of emergency response systems, we think of the iconic “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” commercials from decades ago. While the phrase has been used as part of many jokes over the years, the concept of getting help to a senior who needs it continues to be serious business. Life Alert Systems have been around since the “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” days and continue to be a force in the medical alert industry.

What is the Life Alert System?

The Life Alert System has always had the goal of giving seniors the opportunity to live at home independently for as long as possible and as safely as possible. Before there were multiple medical alert systems on the market, Life Alert was the main player in the game. It was their “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” commercial that helped seniors and their loved ones understand the importance of having a way to get help when you most need it.

Today, the Life Alert System remains a strong choice for seniors and their loved ones. Life Alert cost is affordable and the system has evolved over the past 30 years, of course, but still offers a traditional and easy-to-use pendant system that summons help with a simple push of a button.

Protection Services

Life Alert Systems offers a variety of options for seniors and their family members. The first is a pendant for medical emergencies. This pendant is likely what comes to mind when you think of medical alert services. Users wear the pendant at all times around their neck and when they need assistance, they push the one button on the pendant to reach the Life Alert emergency response team.

While the pendant itself is waterproof, Life Alert offers yet another way to stay safe in the most dangerous room of the home – the bathroom. The HELP button was specially designed for showers. Its large and red button makes it easy to see and even easier to press in case of a fall or other emergency in the shower or bathroom.

Life Alert also offers an option to provide more peace of mind for those living at home alone who might be worried about intruders. Their Personal Protection at Home system allows the user to push a button to give dispatchers a way to listen to what is happening inside the home. 

Finally, the Help On The Go + GPS system is ideal for the more active senior who is going to be out and about running errands, seeing friends, and living life outside of the home. The portable button requires no charging and is there whenever, and where ever, users need it. The GPS feature also allows responders to know the user’s exact location.

Medical Emergencies

Perhaps the most popular option of the Life Alert System is the base unit plus pendant. This is an excellent option for seniors who are living at home alone or with a partner and who have a history of falling or complex medical conditions. With this system, there are two main components. The first is the signature base unit, which is the hub of the system. The base unit connects via a landline or wireless connection. It has a back-up battery in case of power loss and is how users can connect to Life Alert’s emergency monitoring call center.

The next component is the pendant. Users can wear the button pendant around their neck or wrist, and it is completely waterproof. There is a distance limitation of 800 feet (varies by home), but that is realistic for seniors who tend to stay at home for the majority of their day. The battery for the emergency pendant does not require charging, which makes taking it off for any reason unnecessary.

Shower Emergencies

life alert systems

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the home when it comes to senior falls.

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms of the home in regards to senior falls. Thanks to slick surfaces and small spaces, bathrooms create the perfect conditions for a slip or fall that can be catastrophic. To make matters worse, calling for help while in the shower or bathroom can be impossible.

The Life Alert System offers a specialized HELP button for the bathroom that can be used in the shower, tub, by the toilet, or anywhere else in the bathroom. The button is large and red, making it easier to push. Once pushed, the user has immediate access to trained dispatchers in the emergency response call center.

Similar to the pendant, the shower button is waterproof and does not require charging. It is also easy to install.

Personal Protection

Feeling safe at home isn’t just about having someone available to assist during medical emergencies or falls. It also means having someone available to help in case of an intrusion. Life Alert features a sensitive microphone on the signature base unit, allowing dispatchers to listen to what is happening inside the home. Users can push their emergency pendant if they are worried about a strange noise and have the peace of mind that dispatchers are there to assist as needed.


For many Life Alert users, the peace of mind knowing help is readily available is a key component to their independence. Family members also breathe a bit easier knowing that their loved one can quickly contact someone in case of a fall or medical emergency.

Help When Away From Home

For seniors who are looking for a way to have peace of mind and protection when outside of their home, Life Alert offers the Help On The Go + GPS option. This button is easy to wear as a pendant or tuck into your pocket or purse. When you need assistance, simply push the button to be directed to the emergency monitoring center and to speak with a trained dispatcher.

The button doesn’t need to be charged and features GPS so that dispatchers can know where you are located. Knowing this information allows for quicker emergency response, if needed.

Why Consider Life Alert?

When it comes to longevity, Life Alert has the market cornered. It has been serving seniors for more than three decades with units that are easy to use. This system could be an option for you or your aging loved one if you need something reliable and easy to navigate. Remember though, most of the features Life Alert offers are available from other providers, at a lesser cost and with no long-term contract commitments.