Here’s What You Should Know Before Buying a Medical Alert Device

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Updated: June 5, 2022

Here's What You Should Know Before Buying a Medical Alert Device


For many seniors, access to a medical alert device can be what makes the difference between life and death. According to the CDC, heart conditions – especially heart attacks and strokes – are the primary cause of death among seniors. However, if these individuals receive emergency help quickly enough, most of these deaths could be avoided.

Seniors are at their most vulnerable when they are alone. If something happens, and there are no family members or caregivers nearby to help, it could be too late. This is where medical alert devices are needed. These devices, whether they take the form of an alert smartphone, a wearable band, or a pendant, are designed to stay with the senior at all times. This way, if he or she needs anything, help is only a button-press away. Several of these devices even have the ability to monitor their users automatically in some capacity. You can compare and check Life Alert costs right from our site.


How Alert Devices Can Save Lives in Three Steps


How Alert Devices Can Save Lives in Three Steps

  1. First, the in-need senior must press the device’s emergency button. This sends a signal to the staff at the monitoring center, carrying the basic message that the senior is in need of emergency or medical assistance.
  2. One of the monitoring center’s staff members talks to the senior to find out what kind of help is needed. They will have some information about the senior’s overall condition already, so they should be able to find out what the issue is very quickly.
  3. Finally, the staff member will coordinate emergency services as needed. At this point, all the senior has to do is wait for whoever the staff member sends – police, EMTs, firefighters, or, in some less-serious circumstances, a family member. Since the monitoring center also has contact information for family members and close friends, you’ll also receive a notification in any case.

Benefits of Medical Alert Device Services

  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance: Each of these devices, no matter what company you go through, will be monitored by competent teams around the clock. Wherever and whenever a senior hits the emergency button, help will be on its way quickly.
  • Additional Monitoring: The key feature with these devices is the emergency button, but that’s often not the only feature. Many of them can also monitor the senior’s health and determine if the living conditions are safe. Many of these devices also come with optional smoke and co detectors, wake-up calls, and heart rate monitors, and can notify you if there is anything to be concerned about.
  • Reliability: While new innovations are constantly being made to medical alert devices, they aren’t totally new. The basic system has been around for years, so many of the kinks and flaws have already been ironed out. The devices themselves, as well as the monitoring services, can be depended on.
  • Ease of use: These devices are built to be as simple as possible, removing user error from the equation. They’re lightweight and easy to carry around; all a senior has to do is press a single button.

Medical alert devices are designed to save lives, and they have proven that they are capable of doing just that. But what does the future hold for medical alert systems? Here’s an article on a wearable prototype for seniors that talks about just that.


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