How Medical Alert Systems Help You Live Independently – Longer

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Updated: May 13, 2018


Our Buyer's Guide Has Everything You Need To Know

Our Buyer’s Guide Has Everything You Need To Know

Do you like to garden, walk around your yard, or simply enjoy a hobby in your basement? Do have concerns about falling, or having a heart attack and being unable to contact someone for help?  I’m sure your loved ones do as well. With a medical alert monitoring system, help is available to you within seconds.

Nobody wants to feel or even admit that they are getting older and may need some additional assistance.  You see commercials on TV with frail elderly people falling and needing assistance.  Those situations are real, but not always the norm.  Accidents can happen from falling to having a small kitchen fire.  If something minor happens, your loved ones are going to get concerned and may question you living alone.  When they question it, you may question it as well.

But the truth is that if you had a simple, non-obtrusive device that can be worn anywhere, including the shower, and make you feel more comfortable, you could continue to lead an independent life without fear, worry or concern.

It’s also possible that you have no fear whatsoever and actually live a very active and healthy lifestyle.  That’s the right way to live!  But you also have to admit to yourself that you run the risk of serious injury simply by the limitations of your aging body.   It’s certainly no fault of your own.  You eat right, exercise regularly, and take the right vitamins and supplements your body requires.  But you have to admit that you’re not getting any younger.  A slip in the show or trip on the stairs can happy to anyone at anytime.

So how can a medical alert monitoring system help? Consider the following:

  1. It can save money if 24-hour care is not needed
  2. They provide peace of mind to family members and caregivers knowing that you have access to emergency care around the clock (Read this before considering non-monitored medical alert systems as an alternative).
  3. They provide peace of mind to you, knowing that if you need help, there is someone there that has a record of your current medical condition, medications taken, and any other information that a first responder would need to know.  Sometimes people forget to relay vital this information to healthcare providers in these situations.
  4. It gives you confidence to keep doing what you love most.
  5. It could also delay or eliminate the need for in-house care or the need to enter a retirement center.

As you can see, a medical alert monitoring system is a simple yet inexpensive way for you to live your life the way that you want to.  Nothing has to change.  You don’t need to move-in with your kids, enter a retirement center, or have strangers checking on you and disrupting your daily routine.  In fact, if your children are becoming overly protective of you now, a medical alert system could provide the peace of mind to your loved ones desire.

Consider the benefits that these systems can provide and you will find that the positives far out way the negatives.