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MobileHelp Frequently Asked Questions

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Updated: October 10, 2019



What is MobileHelp’s Mailing Address?

3701 FAU Blvd, Suite 300
Boca Raton, Florida 33431

What is MobileHelp’s Website?

What is MobileHelp’s Phone Number?

Is MobileHelp BBB Rated?  Yes, MobileHelp is accredited by the BBB.  See MobileHelp’s Better Business Bureau Rating.

LifeStation BBB Accredited

What Types of Services Does MobileHelp Offer?  MobileHelp offers medical alert systems that don’t require telephone lines (landlines) to operate.  Their system’s use national cellular networks to provide connection to the monitoring station.  Some systems have GPS coverage for protection when you are away from your home.  Besides the typical pendent and watch options they also offer optional fall detection, activity tracking, and lock-boxes for emergency entry to the home.

What Products Does MobileHelp Offer?  MobileHelp’s products include the Cellular Duo, Cellular Classic, MobileVitals Duo, and the MobileVitals Classic.  The “Classic” versions of their medical alert systems are home-based and do not provide any protection when you are away from your home.  The “Mobile” versions do provide GPS location services along with the traditional medical alert features you would expect.

The MobileVitals systems add options like Bluetooth blood pressure cuffs, weight scales, pulse oximeters, and  glucose monitors for tracking vitals.  The system will remind you when to take your measurements and will automatically send the data to your MobileHelp Connect account for future reference.  Here’s s our MobileHelp Review to show all the features of their devices.

How long has MobileHelp Been in Business?  Since 04/07/2008 according to the Better Business Bureau

Does MobileHelp Service My Area?  MobileHelp services the entire U.S.

How Do I Get MobileHelp Service?  MobileHelp can be ordered on-line or by phone.

Is MobileHelp on social media?  Yes, MobileHelp maintains the following social media presence: