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Top 5 Brain Training Apps for Seniors

  Who said screen time rots your brain? Sometimes time in front of a screen is beneficial — especially if you are an aging senior. Here are some apps that may help stimulate your aging family member’s brain. Granted, no app will be able to ward off the effects of aging on the mind completely, […]


13 13 Best Smartphone Apps for Seniors Aging in Place

13 Best Smartphone Apps for Seniors Aging in Place

  With the high cost of senior living facilities, it has become more common for aging Americans to spend their golden years within the comforts of their own homes. While aging in place certainly has its advantages, there are some aspects of this lifestyle choice that may cause concern for both the family members and […]


smart tech tools for seniors

Smart Tech Tools for Seniors

  If you’ve been spinning around on this great, blue marble for decades, you have seen a lot of changes take place. Although some of the changes may cause you concern, you have to admit that modern technology has made daily life a lot easier now than it was a century ago. If you plan […]


Six Best Podcasts for Seniors

Podcasts are a great way to occupy and stimulate the mind while doing chores, cooking, gardening, knitting, etc. They can be educational, inspirational, thrilling, and relaxing. If you are looking to find a podcast to occupy your mind while your hands are busy, here are six of the best ones you can try.   Dan […]


How Medical Alert Devices Can be a Lifeline for Aftercare

How Medical Alert Devices Can be a Lifeline for Aftercare

  Independent living has long been among the most critical factors in the overall happiness and health for those living their golden years. For a long time, many seniors were forced to give up their independent living due to health issues that require constant monitoring or checking-up on. Heart attacks and strokes are two of […]


How to Become Tech Savvy Senior

How to Become Tech a Savvy Senior

  Technology can improve your life, even if you are in your golden years. New devices can give today’s seniors a whole new level of interconnectivity, social interaction, and personal safety. The problem is that there are so many new technological devices out there that it can be easy to be overwhelmed and frustrated. With […]


Here's What You Should Know Before Buying a Medical Alert Device

Here’s What You Should Know Before Buying a Medical Alert Device

  For many seniors, access to a medical alert device can be what makes the difference between life and death. According to the CDC, heart conditions – especially heart attacks and strokes – are the primary cause of death among seniors. However, if these individuals receive emergency help quickly enough, most of these deaths could […]


How to Identify Scams That Affect Seniors & Others

How to Outsmart the Latest Senior Scams

These days, scams have become smarter and more sophisticated and we as consumers need to do our best to be aware of the latest and greatest scams out there targeting senior citizens. Medical Alert Advice’s friends at LifeLock (a Symantec company) have put together a very handy guide to identify scams, along with a useful guide […]


senior citizens and technology

Using Technology To Stay Connected With Your Senior Loved Ones

Many seniors’ lives are cut short because the quality of their life deteriorated due to social isolation.  Available research shows that seniors who stay connected to their loved ones live longer than those who live their autumn years alone. While many would want to maintain close contact with their parents, it is not always possible […]



Safest Places for Seniors to Live in the USA

Seniors enjoy getting out there, finding a comfortable, safe place to live, and seeing the world. Whether they want to move away from a dangerous city, their current hometown or move to somewhere warmer and much more welcoming of seniors; numerous cities and states welcome not only seniors, but also children and families and are […]


senior citizen scams

Avoid The “Free” Medical Alert Scam

In previous articles, Medical Alert Advice has discussed the rise of telephone scammers targeting senior citizens in an attempt to obtain their credit card and/or bank information.  One such scam continuously returns  to the news, and it involves medical alert devices with the all too common free life alert for seniors pitch, which does have […]


seniors using smart phone apps for safety

Smartphone Apps for Seniors

In recent years, smartphone ownership has increased drastically, especially among senior citizens. According to Pew Research, 74% of Americans ages 50-64 are now smartphone owners and 42% of those are 65 and older. This is up over 133% in just 5 short years.