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Why Not Just Add a Wireless Medical Pendant To Your Security System?

So you were talking with your neighbor, and she mentioned that she had her security company simply add a wireless medical pendant to her security system  If she needs medical attention, all she has to do is press the button, and they will contact the emergency medical service (EMS) for her.  Doesn’t sound like a […]


Is Your Medical Alert Pendant Safe?

In a 2009 article posted on, Philips Lifeline issued a safety notice to its subscribers alerting them of a potential risk of wearing pendant style medical alert buttons.   According to the article, Philips Lifeline states that there have been reports of serious injury by some users of limited mobility, as their medical alert pendant […]


How Medical Alert Systems Help You Live Independently – Longer

Do you like to garden, walk around your yard, or simply enjoy a hobby in your basement? Do have concerns about falling, or having a heart attack and being unable to contact someone for help?  I’m sure your loved ones do as well. With a medical alert monitoring system, help is available to you within […]