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Lively Frequently Asked Questions

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Updated: October 10, 2019



Lively is was purchased by GreatCall in 2015.  Please see our GreatCall review for information on Lively.


What is Lively’s Mailing Address?

P.O. Box 29003
San Francisco, CA 94129

What is Lively’s Website?

What is Lively’s Phone Number?

Is Lively BBB Rated?  Yes, Lively is accredited by the BBB.  See Lively’s Better Business Bureau Rating.

LifeStation BBB Accredited

What Types of Services Does Lively Offer?  Lively offers a unique medical alert service that uses a modern-stylish watch that when paired with a smartphone, will also give protection while on the go.  Besides the typical emergency response features of all medical alert systems, it can also provide medication reminders and daily step counting.

With the Lively Hub and in-home passive activity sensors, the system can be expanded to sense daily life pattern changes for food, drink, medication, and other daily events.  Caregivers can also get notifications by text, email, or with the mobile app to offer greater peace of mind.

What Products Does Lively Offer?  The Lively Safety Watch and In-Home Hub & Activity Sensors

How long has Lively Been in Business?  Since 05/31/2012 according to the Better Business Bureau

Does Lively Service My Area?  Lively services the U.S., Mexico, Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand

How Do I Order the Lively Service?  Lively can be ordered by phone

Is Lively on social media?  Yes