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LifeStation Frequently Asked Questions

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Updated: October 10, 2019

LifeStation Medical Alert



What is LifeStation’s Mailing Address?
LifeStation, Inc.
2 Stahuber Avenue
Union, NJ 07083

What’s LifeStation’s Website?

What is LifeStation’s Phone Number?

Is LifeStation BBB Rated?  Yes, LifeStation is accredited by the BBB.  See LifeStation’s Better Business Bureau Rating.

LifeStation BBB Accredited

What Types of Services Does LifeStation Offer?  LifeStation is a full service company with monitoring, order processing, returns, and customer service performed in-house

What Products Does LifeStation Offer?  LifeStation offers a full range of medical alert systems which include:  Medical alert systems with 2-way voice, Senior fall detection, Mobile emergency buttons, and Mobile GPS systems

How long has LifeStation Been in Business?  Since 01/12/2004 according to the Better Business Bureau

Does LifeStation Service My Area?  LifeStation services the entire U.S.

How Do I Order LifeStation Service?  LifeStation can be ordered conveniently on-line, by phone, or thorough the mail

How Can I Cancel My LifeStation Service?  To cancel your LifeStation service, contact them by phone to let them know you wish to cancel.  LifeStation allows you to cancel service at any time with 30 days notice.

Is LifeStation on social media?  Yes, LifeStation maintains the following social media presence:

Have you reviewed the LifeStation medical alert?  Yes!  Please see our LifeStation Review here.