Vital-Link FAQ

Vital-Link Frequently Asked Questions

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Updated: October 10, 2019





What is Vital-Link’s Mailing Address?

1255 Mill Rd
Jenkintown, PA 19046

What is Vital-Link’s Website?

What is Vital-Link’s Phone Number?

Is Vital-Link BBB Rated?  Yes, Vital-Link is accredited by the BBB.  See Vital-Link’s Better Business Bureau Rating.

LifeStation BBB Accredited

What Types of Services Does Vital-Link Offer?  Vital-Link offers no long term contracts, no price increase for as long as you have the service, a 30-day money back guarantee, and free equipment

What Products Does Vital-Link Offer?  Vital-Link offers landline-based, reliable medical alert systems and cellular-based medical alert monitoring systems.  They have wrist and pendant options as well as lock boxes for keys for emergency access.

How long has Vital-Link Been in Business?  Since 06/01/1986 according to the Better Business Bureau but their website states since 1981

Does Vital-Link Service My Area?  Vital-Link medical monitoring systems service the entire U.S.

How Do I Order Vital-Link Service?  Vital-Link can be ordered on-line or by phone

Is Vital-Link and A Vital-Link The Same Company?  Yes, Vital-Link is also known as A Vital-Link