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medical alert smart watch

Best Medical Alert Smart Watches for Seniors in 2022

Thanks to advancements in technology and new approaches to healthcare, today’s older adults have a variety of options when it comes to staying safe and meeting their wellness goals. Medical alert smart watches are somewhat new to the medical alert system scene, and they are being met with a lot of enthusiasm from seniors and […]


How Much Do Medical Alert Systems Cost

A little peace of mind can go a long way for older adults who live at home alone or with a partner. Many seniors live with medical conditions that can increase their risk of falling, and they can feel nervous about completing tasks inside and outside of their homes due to the fear of falling. […]


aloe vera for skin care and health care

How to Use Aloe Vera for Skin Care and Health Care

While we haven’t found a sure-fire fountain of youth quite yet, adults are choosing to make supplements and vitamins a part of their regular beauty and health care routines. Many times, natural options heed excellent results, which is why people are turning to aloe vera for skin care and health care. What do you need […]


early stage dementia

Dangers of Living Alone with Early Stage Dementia

The Alzheimer’s Association reports that nearly 6 million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease. The World Health Organization takes the reporting to a global scale, noting that 50 million people are living with some type of dementia throughout the world. Many people living with early stage dementia are not included in these numbers, as […]


symphony music

How the Symphony Can Benefit Seniors

When a certain song comes on the radio, you can find yourself transported back in time to a memory from your childhood. Music is special that way, always stimulating the brain in unexpected and different ways. Symphony music can have similar results for cognitive stimulation, especially in older adults. Here’s why heading to see an […]


caption phones for seniors

Caption Phones for Seniors

Do you or your loved one have difficulty hearing others? The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, or NIDCD, reports that older adults are at an increased risk for some type of hearing loss. While the organization reports that only 2% of adults ages 45-54 have some type of disabling hearing loss, that […]


life alert systems

Life Alert Systems For Seniors

When it comes to medical alert systems for older adults, reputation and longevity go a long way when you are making a decision. For most of us, when we think of emergency response systems, we think of the iconic “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” commercials from decades ago. While the phrase has been […]


Home Health Care vs. Home Care

More than 80% of seniors say they want to live at home for as long as possible in retirement. However, as aging can make adults more prone to chronic pain or other complex conditions, living at home alone or with a partner is not always realistic or safe. Fortunately, visiting caregivers can often be the […]


FastHelp Medical Alert Pros and Cons

When it comes to medical alert devices, today’s adult has many more choices than they did just twenty years ago. If you are looking for a no-frills service at a lower cost, FastHelp might be the medical alert system for you. However, you will be giving up a few key features that could come in […]


HandsFree Health: Opening the Front Door to Health

  Bringing new technology to older adults in the middle of a pandemic is not for timid professionals. But the team at HandsFree Health is anything but timid; they are dedicated to giving seniors and their family members a new way to successfully manage health care while at home in addition to traditional medical alert […]


Getting Out and About After Your COVID-19 Vaccine

Older adults over the age of 65 were one of the first groups to become eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. If you have gotten your vaccine, or if you are finishing up your series, you might be wondering when it is safe to get back to a “normal”, pre-pandemic routine. The past year has […]


Can You Trust Online Reviews?

When you are ready to make an investment in a service or a product, you want to know for sure if you are going to have a good experience. There are plenty of ways to research your potential new purchase but perhaps the best is to ask for a review from someone you know who […]