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What to Look for When Buying a Medical Alert System

It is estimated that approximately 75% of all medical alert monitoring systems are purchased by adult children for their aging parents.  If you fall into this category, it follows you have likely never purchased a medical alert system before.  With so many choices available, how do you know which is right for your loved one’s […]


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Building a Stronger Relationship with Your Aging Parent

Because independence is strongly valued in American society, it is not as common as it once was for children to continue to live with their parents into adulthood.  However, over time, there has been an increase in aging parents moving in with their children.  As the baby boomer generation grows older, the number of multi-generational […]


Caring for a Loved One Long Distance

Guide to Caring for Elderly Parents from Long Distance

Caregiving for elderly parents over a long distance is a challenge even in the best of times – when your parents are reasonably healthy and you and your siblings are still talking to each other. Even so, a major concern is the struggle to figure out when you need to be with your aging parents […]


Long Distance Care of Aging Parents

Top Resources for Long Distance Care of Aging Parents

Long distance caregiving of your elderly parents requires planning for a crisis. You can actually start that planning before your next visit by searching online for the many local resources that are available for your parent. Taking that list of resources with you during your next visit, you can add to the list by personally […]


Siblings Taking Care of Elderly Parents

Defining Sibling Roles in Caregiving for Elderly Parents

Taking care of elderly parents who live in another state requires family members to work cooperatively. In fact, the more your brothers and sisters (or siblings) participate in the caregiving of your aging mother and father, the less alone any one sibling caregiver feels in their role, especially if they live closest to your parents.


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Comparing Medical Alert Companies is Like Going To a New Restaurant

Comparing medical alert companies can be difficult because you are actually comparing service companies.  Our goal is to use our industry knowledge and experience to act as a personal shopper and researcher for you while you are comparing medical alert systems.


Activity Monitoring Explored

Activity Monitoring (also known as  inactivity monitoring) is a premium service offered by many medical alert monitoring companies.  The point of this service is to be sure that your loved one is moving around freely throughout the day.  Just because they have their  medical alert button or pendant with them does not guarantee that they […]


Why is a TMA (CSAA) Five Diamond Certified Monitoring Center Important For Medical Alert Monitoring?

Who is TMA (formally CSAA)? Central station, monitoring center, central monitoring facility, and dispatch center are all terms used to describe the place where your medical alert monitoring is performed. There are many different standards that can be used to rate these facilities.  You may have heard the terms UL-Listed or FM Approved used to […]


Medical Alert Systems With Telehealth & Telemedicine Monitoring

Medical alert monitoring systems come in many forms. Typically, these personal emergency response systems (PERS) include emergency wireless medical buttons in the form of a pendant, wrist-watch, or belt-clip.  They also feature two-way voice communication with the medical alert monitoring company, inactivity monitoring, and pill reminders.


Medical Alert Systems Are An Option To Rising Senior Care Housing Costs

As the plummeting real estate market continues to hit families hard, costs for senior housing are still expected to rise. This is according to to a September 23, 2009 article in National Real Estate Investor, a professional trade publication for commercial real estate investment.  The article states that rents are still on the rise even […]


Two Medical Alert Monitoring Systems For The Price of One?

Well almost : – )  Some medical alert monitoring companies, like our top-rated LifeStation, have a feature that you may not be aware of. It allows you to purchase one system and have service for two people!  That’s the perfect solution for mom and dad living independently together at home.


What About Non-Monitored Medical Alert Systems?

Medical alert monitoring systems come in four basic forms. The first, and most popular, are the two-way voice systems.  They are the emergency alert systems that typically come to mind when considering a medical alert system – think of Life Alert systems and their catchy tagline “Help I’ve Fallen and Can’t Get Up.” The second […]